Pirate Eye Patch {Tutorial}

Did I tell you? Jack Sparrow moved in. Or maybe he’s Wesley from the Princess Bride? I can’t be sure. Either way, he’s a pirate, he likes to sword fight and shoot muskets, and he makes a great leading man.

I just hope he also likes to rescue those damsels in distress.

This weekend Hudson wanted to play pirates, and while I was too busy playing with the baby, Brian (the husband around these parts) took it upon himself to assemble an eye patch for Hudson. They rooted around in my fabric stash for awhile until I pulled out a strip of linen left over from the gray shorts I recently made for Hudson during KCWC. According to my boys, it fit the bill perfectly.

Pirate fabric has to be dark (black is preferable, gray works okay, too), rough and look like it’s weathered a few tides. They are the experts, not me!

Husband spent a few moments fiddling around with the fabric before he called me over and gave me the instructions for this eye patch. Five minutes later Hudson looked like this.

Arrr, maties!

In case your boy is anything like mine and loves to play pirates, here are the instructions for a 10-minute Pirate Eye Patch:

Rescue a long piece of fabric from your scraps pile that measures 42″ long by 2-3″ wide. Mine was a mangled piece of left-over linen that measured 3″ wide in some spots and 2″ in others. In my husbands words, the mangier the better.

Next, cut three eye patch pieces that look like this:

Stitch them together with a long, wide zigzag stitch. This is just for effect.

Take your trusty seam ripper and rip those stitches apart, but don’t pull them out. Rough up the fabric a little bit, too, if you’re looking for a more weathered look.

On the outside of those ripped stitches, sew around the outside of your eye patch with a straight stitch. I used a longish stitch length, 4.0 (the highest my machine goes is 5.0).

Now sandwich the top of the patch inside your long strip of fabric (make sure it’s in the middle-ish so you have two long sides to tie around the child’s head). Let the front hang down lower than the back.

Stitch it in place.

Iron the front raw edge of your fabric back up over the stitches so they don’t show.

Put the eye patch in place and watch your son turn into a pirate before your very eyes.

If you’re wondering what that black fabric is, tied around Hudson’s head: that’s an old t-shirt Brian cut up and turned into a pirate dude-wrap. (Ohmigosh, is that what it’s called? I don’t even know; I’m such a nerd).

Whatever. Either way, now your son can go and be the coolest pirate on the block. 

Happy Sewing!