Pink Tee and Skirt {KCWC}

I can’t believe it’s Friday already! Where did the time go?! I’ve had so much fun sewing for my kids during KCWC, I don’t want it to end.ย Besides, I didn’t get near enough things sewn. Sigh. But that’s mostly because I spent a lot of my time hand stitching this pink top for Abby. Yes, you heard me right. I hand-stitched a top for my two-year old. I must be crazy.

I did it mostly for the practice, and because I had a vision in my head… and because as I’ve mentioned before, I’m addicted to sewing by hand.

(Oh, alright. I also did it because I could stitch in front of the t.v. while watching Prison Break. You caught me.*wink*)

The time spent stitching was worth it because, dang, look at that cute girl!

I don’t have a lot of time tonight (the hubby is waiting for me downstairs so we can watch you-know-what) so here are the quick specs on this outfit.

The shirt was made from a stretch cotton jersey I bought in the LA fabric district last year. I think it was $2.00 a pound and since this fabric is really light the fabric for this top probably cost me pennies.

The pattern is MadebyRae’s Flashback Skinny Tee (I’ve talked about it here before, and yes, it is my favorite shirt pattern for the kids.) I highly recommend it.

I hand-stitched the arm and neck bindings using Alabama Chanin’s cretan stitch (also a name you hear a lot here at Caila-Made). And I added the ruffle at the bottom for fun using a cross stitch, also by hand. (By the way, I serged the shoulder and neck seams before hand-stitching the details.)

The skirt is something I came up with this morning, and friends: it only took me 20 minutes to throw it together! I cut out two rectangles, angled them a bit by making the top four inches narrower than the bottom, serged it up, added a casing for the elastic, added the hem and then threw on the lace for good measure.

Most satisfying sewing project ever. Minimum input of time, maximum output of cuteness.

The fabric is a denim-ish bottom weight from Michael Levin’s loft in the fabric district. It’s very light weight and perfect for summer.

The lace is, of course, from my grandmother’s stash.

And there she is looking all darling in her new outfit. I just hope her brother doesn’t pull on that collar. I care a little more about it because I actually placed each stitch with my own fingers!

Thanks for reading, friends! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend sewing or reading or relaxing or whatever it is you like to do. Happy Friday!


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    That top is fantastic!! SO cute! The ruffle with the cross stitch at the bottom just about sends me over the edge with all the cuteness. It seriously makes me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Wow, the hand stitching is the most fantastic thing! I just love it. The skirt and top together are so Abby-like. Now you will be able to save all these hand made outfits for HER daughter in a couple of decades. The grownup-Abby will be so amazed and thankful, as you have been.