Pink and White Party (Abby Turns 3, Part II)

Awhile ago I posted about A’s princess party, and promised pictures and details on another party we threw over her birthday weekend. Yes, count them there were two! Our first party, the one I’m sharing with you today, was her family party. Although we were having little friends over for the princess gig, I just couldn’t give up having the whole family over to celebrate her turning three. If you know our family, you understand why. They are just the most awesome people ever.

Throwing two parties isn’t as hard as you would imagine. I used the same decorations and simply set everything up once. The food and cakes were different, of course, but the muscle-work of decorating was done only once.

Can I tell you guys something? I love, love, love setting up a party table! It gives me so much joy, it really does. Every time we throw some kind of celebration (which was almost every week for awhile) I load this table up with beautiful things and tasty goodies. Our kitchen table is the centerpiece for every affair and makes everything–especially the birthday girl or boy–feel so special.

As you can see here, I love vintage table linens. They add just the right amount of vintage style, and for no cost, because these were passed down from my mother. I tied some hot pink tulle around the table cloth to add some flare. You know how my girl loves pink!

I think my favorite pieces on this table are my green egg cups (purchased from World Market). The other glassware we already owned and habitually use. I think the easiest way to decorate for a party is to pull beautiful items from around your house and put them all in one location. Honestly, it’s cheap, easy, and effective!

A’s cake for this year was a very simple creation, unlike last year. I’m no fancy-pants cake baker, so I just mixed up some Fun Fetti cake mix by Betty Crocker and cooked it in a 6″ round cake pan, discarding the extra. The icing is a cream cheese frosting also by Betty Crocker (not as white as I had hoped). I decorated the cake with pink jelly beans which were purchased from the bulk bins at Winco. So simple and precious.

I wanted the cake to stand taller than everything else, so I layered my cake stands. The white cake stand and pink plate were purchased at World Market, the glass cake stand is a hand-me-down from my aunt. Cake stands are always a good investment, in my opinion. These get used ALL THE TIME.

See the delectable cake pops below? These were made by my beautiful sister-in-law, Melissa. She’s my partner in crime and my partner in Baily’s after every party. She also brought the framed “A” you see on the table. Gorgeous, right?

And because I know you want to see the birthday girl, not just the birthday things, here is my Abby-girl with real pom poms from her Aunty Mel:

And here are a few pics of her birthday dress, which is another of my Summer Whimsy dresses:

I do plan on offering the instructions for this dress as a tutorial sometime in the next couple of weeks. The steps are written and I just need to finalize photos. Sometimes this stuff takes way longer than I expect! Maybe I just need some encouragement, like you telling me to get off my duff and work on this thing already. Anyone?? 😉
One last thing about parties before I go: I feel the need to tell you all that I used to be the least crafty person on the planet. I had no clue how to decorate anything, crafty anything, or sew anything, and yet here we are today and this stuff makes me come alive! Isn’t it amazing how we can grow and change over time?
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By the way, I am just a girl who likes to make things my kids enjoy! I’m no expert at this stuff!