Paper Bag Dress in Indian Summer

First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who has pinned and shared my Paper Bag Dress tutorial from last week! The response has been phenomenal and I’m so happy you all liked it!

Don’t you think it’s time to see another one? Abby loves these little ruffled dresses, so I had to make her a second in my favorite print of the season.


The only difference between this dress and the Ballerina version is that this one is a halter top. To make the halter I simply made one long strap and secured it on either side of the chest. Honestly, I plan on changing it back to a two-strap sundress rather than a halter. The strap is uncomfortable on Abby’s neck and there’s something about it that makes her look older than she is. I’d like her to stay little forever, thank you very much. 

I love this look on her face. It’s like sighing, “OK, mommy, just one more.”

I hope you enjoy making a Paper Bag Dress of your own! Happy Sewing!
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