Ofelia Blouse in London Calling

{HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! Can you forget about the date for a moment? Because this post has NO red or blue and nothing to do with the current holiday. Oops! Let this be your break from all things starred and spangled today.}

I have so many fun things to show you. Some of them are just so exciting to me I can hardly stand it! First up is my very first Ofelia Dress/Blouse.

This is Ofelia blouse is made with a high-count combed cotton lawn by Robert Kaufman called London Calling, in the Spring color way. All I had to do was touch this fabric at Michael Levine’s in LA and I was sold. My only regret is not buying more of it. As always.

I stuck to the pattern, except that I made the blouse a little longer than the pattern called for (and I still don’t think it’s long enough–I like a tunic-length on Abby).

The pattern calls for ribbon or tape on the front of the dress, but I used some lace instead. I love how that part turned out! I also stuck with the called-for ribbon contrast on the sleeves, but I kind of wish I’d left it off. It makes the sleeves a bit stiff. Oh well, nothing major.

I have decided that I love this pattern. In fact, there are two more on my cutting board waiting to be sewn right now! This pattern is really quick and easy to sew, with very pleasing results. The only way I deviated from the pattern was serging the seams rather than adding a french seam. I tried the french seam and it was too bulky under the arm. Maybe I wasn’t doing it right.

“Pleeeeease can I have a cookie?”

For these pictures, I paired the blouse with her new Lace Summer Shorts. She added the necklace.

Oh, and the best part about this pattern? It was a downloadable PDF, so I just purchased it, printed it and put it together. How about all those Ps, eh?

Just a quick note if you buy this pattern: read the instructions for how to tape the pattern pieces together. This part took an alarming half hour for me to figure out. And then I read the instructions.

How beautiful is she?! I find it kind of disturbing that the best lighting is in the kitchen. With the dishwasher in the background.

Thanks for reading friends! I’d love to hear how your summer is going, or what you are sewing!


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      Aha! I love that Pinboard idea. Just imagine the possibilities! Thanks for your comment, my bloggy friend. 🙂

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    I’d say there’s enough colors in the red and blue family in that gorgeous top to qualify this post as an appropriate 4th post. 🙂 Love the top, love the lace, love your girl! Keep sewing, friend!

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    So adorable! I will have to revisit Michael Levine. Had to laugh, our best lighting is either in the kitchen or on the stairs, and I’m usually too chicken to let my toddler pose on the stairs.

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      Sarvivox, I’m glad I’m not the only one! It’s either weird lighting and okay background, or great lighting and a dishwasher. Oh, well. At least kids are cute, right? 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment!

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      Thanks Kristin! When I first added the ribbon I wasn’t sure, but after seeing Abby in the blouse a couple of times I’m sold. It was the right decision. Love.

      Looking forward to our lunch date in a couple of days! 🙂