No-Sew Duck Tape® Journal Cover

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no-sew Duck Tape® journal cover

It’s back-to-school time! I can hardly believe it, but my oldest started First Grade last week. He’s a real grade-schooler now, and very proud of it, too. 

In general, getting ready for back-to-school is pretty simple. Get the supply list from the teacher, go shopping, fill the back pack. This year I wanted to send him something made especially by me for him. Something no one else had that he knew was special. I’m always sewing for him, but my husband mentioned how he always made things out of Duck Tape® when he was in school (it’s one of those really cool boy things, ya know), so I ventured out of my comfort zone and made him this No-Sew Duck Tape® Journal Cover. You know what I discovered? Duck Tape® is the best thing ever!

It’s cool, it’s black and teal, it’s everything we all love around here. Below are simple instructions for how to craft your own journal cover out of Duck Tape®. 

These instructions were directly inspred by the fabric journal cover tutorial over at Darling Adventures. Her tutorial describes how to sew a fabric journal cover, so I removed the seam allowances and altered the instructions to work for a Duck Tape® journal cover. 


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STEP ONE: Prepare the front cover and inside flaps

Tear off a piece of Duck Tape® measuring about 14 inches and place it sticky side UP on the table. Now tear off another piece the same length and stick it to the original piece with the long ends overlapping about 1/4 inch. The sticky sides of both strips should be facing up. Continue piecing strips of Duck Tape® together until you have a large rectagular piece measuring about 17 inches by 13 inches. Set aside.

Repeat this step to make another rectangle exactly the same size. Carefully stick the two rectangles together so that the outside of the Duck Tape® is showing on both sides. Smooth out all the wrinkles. 

For the inside flaps: Tear off strips of Duck Tape® measuring 13 inches long and piece them together like you did for the front cover until you have a rectangle measuring 13 inches by 18 inches. Carefully fold this piece together so that the sticky sides are facing and the short sides are together. Smooth out the wrinkles and lay aside. Repeat to make the second inside flap.

STEP TWO: Cut it down to size

Place the outside cover piece on a cutting mat and use a rotary cutter or exacto knife to trim it down to 13.25 inches by 10.25 inches inches. 

Now trim the inside flap pieces so that they measure 10.5 inches by 7.75 inches. Do not cut the folded edge.

STEP THREE: Put it all together

Place the inside flaps on the outside cover piece, and center the ribbon with the center of the top edge. Put a piece of Duck Tape® there to hold the ribbon in place.

Tear a strip of Duck Tape® the length of the top edge and then rip it into two long pieces. 

Use one of the thin strips to encase the top edge of the journal cover. Make sure the top of the ribbon is secured. Then repeat on the bottom edge with the second strip. 

Now tear a strip of Duck Tape® the length of the side edge and rip it into two long strips. Use these strips to encase the side edges. 

You’re done with the bare bones of the journal! Slip the composition notebook into the side flaps to see how it looks. 

STEP FOUR: Time to decorate!

Place a strip of Duck Tape® on a plastic mat and use a small rotary cutter or exacto knife to cut out shapes. I used these arrows to decorate my son’s journal cover. Place your shapes on the journal cover like a sticker and admire the result! You can pull them off to fix the placement, so don’t be nervous about trying things out. 

And there you have it: A No-Sew Duck Tape® Journal Cover!

Now, add Duck Tape® to your shopping list and go browse all the fun colors and prints of Duck Tape® at Walmart. Imagine all the fun things designs you could do for a little girl!

For more fun craft ideas using Duck Tape®, follow @TheDuckBrand on Twitter.

My boy loves his journal. He said, “Mom, it even matches my outfit!” He’s obviously the son of a blogger if he knows to care about that stuff. 🙂

Thanks for reading and happy crafting! 

This post was sponsored by Walmart for SocialSpark. As usual, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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