New Fabric in the Shop

I’m excited to announce that I have four new prints in the shop!  First up, the popular 2D Zoo prints by Alexander Henry are back in Chocolate and Pool. I’m so glad they decided to reprint them; these guys sold out really quickly last time:

Left: 2D Zoo in Pool, Right: 2D Zoo in Chocolate

Next up is a darling little bird print called Starling in Pink. I think this would make an adorable comforter for a little girl’s bed, or perhaps another beautiful summer dress?

Starling in Pink

And finally… I am so excited about this… I got my hands on another bolt of this next, absolutely gorgeous print. The amazing thing is, this fabric is Out Of Print (OOP) and VERY Hard To Find (HTF). The guy who helped me with my order today found the last remaining bolt of it in a corner. Seriously. It was meant to be. I should tell you that I said a prayer this morning that a stray bolt would somehow be lying around for me. Yeah, amazing. 🙂

This is the most beautiful fabric I have in stock. The higher thread count gives it a luxurious texture, and just in case you can’t understand what all the fuss is about, check out my daughter in the pictures below. 

Without further ado, I present to you Alexander Henry’s Brooke Poppies in Pink:

Brooke Poppies in Pink

See??? Isn’t that just the most gorgeous fabric (and the most gorgeous girl)? And the very last shipment of it from the manufacturer is available here in my shop! Today was a really nice day. 🙂

My last bit of fun news for the day is that these Heather Ross prints will be arriving later this summer:

I can’t wait to get my hands (and my sewing machine!) on these prints. I’ll keep you posted when they arrive!

Hope you all have a great friday, and thanks for reading!