Make a girl’s sweater dress from a woman’s cardigan

Well, it took a commitment to another blog and some fabulous photos to get me back on the blog after my holiday break, but here I am! 

Today I’m over at Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! for my monthly tutorial, and this time its for a Sweater Dress Refashion. I found this beautiful sweater on a crazy holiday sale at Old Navy and had to buy it for Abby. They only had a size Small (which doesn’t fit me, rude) which turned out to be the perfect size for a 3-4T dress. Yay!

The dress features a really fun tie in the front, which is a bit reminiscent of sailors back in the day. Do you think so, too?

Anyway, this is a really great, quick, project for the end-of-summer months. I know the rest of you are really cold right now (sorry, it’s in the mid-70s right now! No experiments with boiling water and freezing cold wind chill for us in California), but these short sleeves are perfect for the Winter-to-Spring transition coming up. Or, you could easily make the dress into long sleeves for the colder months.

Either way, it’s a darling dress and I hope you like the tute! Head over HERE to read the full instructions. 

Psst: If you have any friends who are new to sewing or refashion projects, or otherwise might be interested in this project, please share the link with them!

Sweater Dress: Made by Caila,
refashioned from an Old Navy sweater
Tights and Boots: Target
Headband: RiteAid



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    Gorgeous!!! I’ve linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip: b –Anne

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    SOOOOO cute! And omigosh is it now FALL there or something with the leaves and beautiful golden light? Haha. Oh California.

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      Thank you so much, Abby! I can’t get enough of photos taken at this time and place. Sucker for backlighting, right here!