Little Cap for S {Leila & Ben Giveaway!}

I relish every chance I get to put this boy up on the blog. I mean, look at that face. Can you blame me?

Each of my children have been so special to me for different reasons. Of course I love them for their own selves, but they each also hold a special place in our family. Hudson as the oldest; Abby as the girl (read: princess); and Stryder as the baby. I get so much joy out of watching him toddle around, hearing him growl, seeing him play with little cars. Babies are such a miracle. I get so choked up every time I think about him growing up.


So anyway. I’m supposed to be talking about that cute hat on his head!

This was my first attempt at Leila & Ben’s Little Cap pattern and my-oh-my did I fall in love. The pattern directions are simple and thorough, the pictures are helpful, and the style is great. I couldn’t love this pattern more. (Well, maybe more if it came in my size, ha!)

I can confidently suggest this pattern to experienced sewists and beginners alike. This pattern made me feel like a pro, and I get comments on the hat everywhere we go. So, I am officially adding this pattern to the annals of the Best of Fall pattern review series!

It was made with ultra fine baby whale corduroy in a light gray (slate, maybe) for the outside, which I think I got from Joann’s. The inside was made from the softest shirting flannel I have ever felt, purchased at Michael Levine’s in the LA fabric district:

And guess what else I love? The Little Cap can be made with just two fat quarters of fabric, so it’s a great scrap buster!

A note on size: I made the size 3T-5T for Stryder and it fits his little head perfectly. He just turned one year old, so this cap will definitely not fit him when he’s 3-5. His head circumference is 18.5″ and he’s in the 85th percentile for head size, so maybe it’s just his head size. I tried the cap on Abby and it would fit her perfectly with less elastic (her head circ. is 19.5 inches). I plan on making a cap for her in this size, either by leaving off the elastic or adding a little extra room in the pattern.  I’ll keep you posted on my results.

Oh, and do you want to know about that ADORABLE SHIRT he’s wearing?? It’s my first attempt at the raglan tee from Figgy’s Sewing for Boys. I have a post coming with full details on this tee (and a graphic I’m adding to it) so stay tuned!

I love my little boo:

Do you want to make your very own Little Cap? Leila and Ben are offering TWO of these patterns as a giveaway today! This is our last giveaway for the Best of Fall pattern review series, so don’t hesitate to join in!
To enter the giveaway, simply leave me a comment and answer me this:
Are you a hat person? Why or why not?

I know, it’s such a random question! But I couldn’t think of anything else, and anyway, I always have so much fun reading your answers to these giveaway questions. 🙂

You have until midnight PST on Thursday night, October 25, to enter. Two winners will be chosen. Good luck!


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    Cute hat! I like hats, but I personally don’t like the way I look in them. However both kids like to wear them, so I live vicariously through them! 🙂

  2. says

    I am definitely a hat person!! I love, love, love to wear them & make them. I think they are such a fun accessory, especially for fall & winter! My favorite hat is one my parents got me from Anthorpologie for Christmas one year. Every time I put it on I feel like a million bucks and cute to boot! Dying to try this pattern out of my boy, due to arrive in jan.

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    I LOVE hats but I can’t usually pull one off myself — fortunately, my youngest is also a hat person and he ALWAYS manages to look good with one on! (And he’s almost always wearing one, even just around the house!)

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    I love hats, but they don’t love me:) my grandson looks adorable in hats and would love to win so I could make him a few hats:)

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    Such a cute hat….on a cutie pie! I wish my lil girl would keep one on. Don’t think it would look quite as cute w/ ties on it 🙁 I am totally a hat person! I wear one at least once or twice a week…mostly to hide my 2nd day hair (shhhhh, don’t tell!). Wonder if I could pull one of these off? Then I could hide my 3rd day hair….haha!

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    HOW ADORABLE IS HE!!!! Funny, I just checked out Sewing For Boys from the Library to decide if I want to ask ‘Santa’ for it for Christmas! I was just looking at that pattern before looking at your blog and I was like… that looks like… IT IS! so cute!

    And for the giveaway… my mom always says I look good in hats, but i don’t wear them lots! 🙂

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    i LOVE your little hat! i’m really only a hat person for kids – i’ll wear them if it’s cold, but never for fashion 🙂

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    I do love hats. I look so boring with my ponytail, at least in winter my head looks fashionable. I love knitting hats and cowls, this is the first year i tried to sew hats for fall. My kids enjoy wearing them. I would try this cap as well.