Little Big Boy Shorts (SOTL 2012)

Here is my last pair of shorts for Shorts on the Line 2012! I entered them into the Flickr group a few days ago, but my weekend just started (WHOOP) so can finally share the pictures with you.

I call these my “Little Big Boy Shorts” because they look like something Hudson would wear, but they fit my littlest guy. I love it when my Styder-boy wears big boy clothes, but still retains his little baby-ness. You know what I mean?

Take a look at that hair! I do not style it, I swear!

Baby belly alert!

Here are some of the unique details on these shorts. (Hudson’s up next for a pair of these because the print on the pocket is outer space!)

These shorts feature:

  • Rocket pockets! (Haha, I came up with that in the middle of the night and thought it was SO funny).
  • Bias-cut back pockets and waist band for contrast

Again, for these I used my Summer Shorts pattern. Thank goodness I perfected it, because I use the pattern ALL THE TIME! In fact, I used the Summer Shorts pattern to create four of my five Shorts on the Line entries. You can see the other three here:

Polka Dot Summer Shorts
Lace Shorts
It’s a Banner Day Shorts

I made one other pair for Shorts on the Line, from a pattern in the Happy Homemade Vol. II japanese sewing book. You can see those shorts here.

Thanks for reading friends! You can vote for your favorite Shorts on the Line entries HERE. I encourage you to vote for your favorite shorts, whichever those are. But if you’re looking for mine among the 101 entries (!!!), they are numbers:

    • 1 (Pink Polka Dots)
    • 7 (Wedding Lace Shorts)
    • 60 (Gold Fever Shorts)
    • 81 (Little Big Boy Shorts)
    • 82 (Little Big Boy Shorts in Gray, AKA It’s a Banner Day shorts)

Happy Voting!!!