Knock It Off: Quicksilver Style

Hey guys, I’m really excited about today’s post! Today I’m joining in with Knock It Off, the hit series from Elegance and Elephants. The purpose of this series is to choose a commercial item of clothing and sew it yourself. I love this for two reasons:

  1. I like saving a buck by making things myself.
  2. I like a challenge.
  3. My kids end up with cool stuff. (Ok, that’s three things).
You’re not surprised to see me knocking off a pair of Quicksilver shorts, are you? I know, I’m so predictable. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I used a pair of Quicksilver board shorts as my inspiration for these herringbone shorts, and I love to sew with Roxy knits, so my love of surf-brand clothing is no secret. What can I say? We live in SoCal and their clothing is awe-some. Dress my kids in self-made knock-offs of their brand? Yes, please!

Now, obviously, my shorts don’t look exactly like the Quicksilver pair. I went for a more interpretive look this time. My goal with these knockoffs is always to use fabric easily available (a.k.a. from my local Joann’s store), and a style I know my son will wear.

Mission accomplished. (Also, I have no idea why he’s doing yoga, but he’s so cute it doesn’t matter).

Let me give you a quick rundown of the ingredients for these shorts.
The main body is made from a blue-gray 100% linen from my local Joann’s. It turned out to be quite sheer, so I lined the shorts with gray Kona Cotton. The linen is light enough that these two fabrics paired together give the shorts a sturdy yet flexible feel.ย 
The solid stripes you see in black, teal, and green are all Kona Cotton Solids as well. These were also purchased from Joann’s. The construction of the shorts was simple. I used a pattern from the Japanese sewing book Happy Homemade Vol. 2 (also posted here, here, here, and here). I lined the pockets with the same gray as the lining of the shorts, sewed on some strips of color across the front and back pieces, and added a waistband of black cotton twill.ย 
While I was sewing these together, I couldn’t tell if the stripes were a stroke of genius or proof of my insanity. Once it all came together, though, I fell in love! Totally rad. (I can say “rad” now, right? The 80’s are coming back, so “rad” is cool again?)
I love this shorts pattern (I mean, LOVE it), but I’m starting to think it’s time for me to grow up and sew a zip fly. My son will be going into first grade in the fall, and although he doesn’t care about elastic waisted pants, I’m starting to. I’ve sewn this pattern so many times now, I could do it in my sleep, so it’s probably time to move on to a new challenge.
Even so, I love the shape of these shorts. So totally awesome. Gotta love those Japanese designers!
I added faux welt pockets to the back because, um…. I don’t know how to sew real welt pockets yet. Yep, I’m just not that cool. Looks like I have some new skills to learn, eh?ย 
These shorts were a big hit with my son and my husband, who really appreciates the fact that I dress our son in “cool” handmade clothing. (His words, not mine.) I think we’ve both been surprised at how many stylish outfits can be made with fairly simple home-sewn patterns.
That’s the great thing about sewing: you see, you want, you make. As my kids would say, “Bingo!”
I have to be honest with you, though. All Hudson really cares about his clothing is that it fits comfortably and accommodates for things like jumping:
And going after monsters with karate moves. He’s a wise kid.ย 

I took some pictures of the process while making these shorts, and soon I’ll have a tutorial for you on how to add those stripes. In the meantime, how about one last picture of my cutie? Love him.

Thanks so much for reading! Be sure to head over to Elegance and Elephants for more Knock-it-Off inspiration. There are some truly amazing ladies sewing in this series. And if you’re knocking something off yourself, add it to the Flickr Pool!ย ย Thanks for reading, friends!

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    These are great Caila! They look perfect for your son (who is a beauty!! – You can say that about boys too, right?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • says

      Thank you, Mie! And yes, I tell him he’s beautiful all the time! Then he corrects me and says, “Boys are cool mom, not beautiful.” Haha! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. says

    Turned out so nice, & I know my son OR my husband would totally wear these.
    ps- rad is definitely coming back, your good. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. says

    these shorts are, like, my most favorite thing ever! I so want to steal your idea and make some for my boys. awesome awesome awesome

  4. says

    Your version is definitely better than the original! I adore them! I have been surprised too at how simple it really is to make “cool” handmade outfits for our kids!