Kinder-Boy Meets World

Today was Hudson’s first day of school. He is officially a kindergartener. !!!
The night before school started Brian and I took him to find his classroom. We stopped by the kindergarten playground and he met some kids. This is how Hudson likes to meet and greet:

This is the boy-meets-world scenario:

  • Boy goes to big new school
  • Boy meets new friends (in this case, a first grader)
  • Boy draws on television reference to demonstrate knowledge of pop culture.
  • Reference falls short since NO ONE west of the U.K. watches Shaun the Sheep on a regular basis, EXCEPT FOR OUR FAMILY.
No matter. We watched Downton AbbyΒ forΒ years before anyone else in the States had heard of it. Next year all the kids will be wearing Shaun the Sheep shirts to school. Just wait. πŸ˜‰
{Random fact insert: Did you know I partially grew up in England? My brother was even born in Cambridge.}

By the way, Shawn (the boy, not the sheep) didn’t seem deterred by the sheep comment. The boys got along just fine. In fact, after watching Hudson’s interactions with other school children, I feel completely confident in him.

I’ll have pictures of his first day of school for you later. He was so cute! I mean, cool. He doesn’t let me say he’s “cute” anymore.Β 
Thanks for stopping by! On the sewing front: I’m working on another pair of shorts for Hudson (RED this time), another dress and a skirt to show you. Be back soon!Β 


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    we love that show too!! We are addicted to a few of those British shows…IT Crowd, Doc Marten, Sherlock….but they all have such short seasons!!! πŸ™‚

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    My daughter (2) loves Shaun the Sheep and sings it all the time. We also have Timmy time (in Australia) which is about Timmy the baby sheep from Shaun the Sheep, at preschool. It’s really cute and a big hit in our house. They’re both on just about everyday. I actually don’t let her watch much tv at all now, but for the couple of weeks after her little bro was born last year she saw a lot of them and still loves and talks about them!