Kids Clothes Week: Outfit No.1

So, who else is sewing along??

It’s currently half-way through Kids Clothes Week and believe it or not, I have been participating this time around. It’s hard for me to keep up with the photographing and posting part of KCW, though, so here is my Day One outfit although in real time it’s actually Day Three!

KCW is quickly turning into bimaa-and-hosh-pants-obsession week for me. I can’t seem to sew anything else! Abby and I leave tomorrow for a quick trip to Oregon and before this week she had nothing to wear in cooler weather. Now she has an abundance of hosh pants and bimaa sweaters! Thank you SO much fore existing, Kids Clothes Week.

Pictured Here: 

  • Bimaa Sweater with shawl option and 3/4 sleeves (my own slight adjustment to the pattern. So easy, just make the sleeve elbow-length and cut a new cuff 1″ shorter than the sleeve width. Done.) Fabric from Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts.
  • Hot pink hosh pants, no alterations. My daughter says I should add pockets, but that will have to come at a later date. Stretch denim/twill from Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts

No time to write more because I still have to do my one hour of sewing for today, and the kids want to play trains. Choo-choo here I come!

So, have you been sewing along with KCW? It’s so fun to browse the projects over there!


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    Yay, cute!! And actually, pack a couple skirts too, it’s actually been kinda warm here lately! In Portland at least. Yesterday I was in jeans and had to change – too hot! Anyway, this outfit is perfectly adorable.

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    I’ve been trucking along but it seems that others get a TON accomplished in an hour. Granted my hour is never uninterrupted but I’m still jealous of the great wealth of clothing everyone is making. So far I have only managed to finish my daughters Halloween costume, though it was a much needed project! Can’t wait to see her other clothing. 🙂


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    Hosh and bimaa are perfect for kcw since they come together so quickly! I see even more in my winter kcw future 🙂
    Your 3/4 sleeve is great!