Kids Clothes Belgian Style at Straight Grain!

If you would like to see a better and not-so-ridiculous picture of the dress my daughter’s wearing in this photo, HEAD OVER TO STRAIGHT GRAIN, where I am participating in her Kids Clothes Belgian Style series. Ohmigoodness, this series has been so fun and has my thoughts teeming with spring and summer inspiration. Be sure to leave me a line over there, letting me know what you think! 
By the way, An of Straight Grain is a phenomenal seamstress and sweet blogging friend, so look around while you’re there. You’re sure to see something you like! Like this bubble dress pattern, perhaps?
One more thing before I go: I owe you all a great big THANK YOU for your supportive comments after my scary (read: vulnerable) post on Friday. My feelings seem to resonate with so many of you, so I’m glad I had the guts to speak up! Thanks for your show of solidarity and for opening up to me in return. Let’s encourage each other to be even more brave as the future unfolds. Amen? 
If you left a comment on that post and I haven’t responded yet, I will! My husband and I had a weekend alone while the kids were with the grandparents (!!!), so I tried to stay off the computer as much as possible. I’m (obviously) back in the swing of things now and will take time to leave replies and send emails. Thank you all, and have a spectacular and CONFIDENT start to your week!