Kickin’ Off Skirt Week 2012!

First off, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My hubby started the first of his night shifts last night (he’s an ICU RN) and I survived! I’ve been dreading this for months since he’s been the one taking care of Abby, our two-year old, in the night while I give the baby his night feeding. Abby has not slept well at night since the day she was born, and yes I’ve tried everything, and yes I was committed to making it work, but no, none of it ever worked. My boys? They sleep like logs. Everything works on them. Just not with my little Abby girl.

The good news is that little miss Abby has started sleeping through most nights, so maybe this night-shift thing won’t be the end of my life after all. Hoorah!

Well, on to something more sewing related. Since you know how much I love sewing challenges, you should not be surprised to hear how excited I am about the kickoff of Skirt Week 2012! This challenge is hosted by the awesome ladies of Crafterhours and gives me the perfect excuse I needed to keep working on my handmade wardrobe.

I’ve already made four skirts (wow, four!) but only have pictures of what I’m calling the Black Maxi so far. Here she is.

She and I are good friends. I wear her almost every day, but don’t tell my friends that because they all saw me wearing her to church today and that might be embarrassing. Oops, they are reading this.

Moving on. The Black Maxi is made from a 100% organic cotton interlock knit from It’s a good weight for a skirt.

I paired the skirt with a repurposed orangey-red shirt that has become my new love. I saw this shirt last week while searching for skirt tutorials on Pinterest and fell in love with it right away.


I rescued a castoff shirt from my mom’s giveaway pile, removed the cowl neck which was too hot for summer, refinished the neckline and added the lace using the directions in this tutorial. It’s awesome. The cowl neck left a rather large neckline, which I don’t love since it kept showing my bra straps to the world, but otherwise this shirt is a winner.

Here’s one more of the Black Maxi. I love the way it flares out when I spin.

I created the pattern for this skirt using the long skirt pattern from the Alabama Chanin Studio and Design Book that I’ve already raved about here, here and here. I eliminated the center seam and changed a few things, but mostly this is Alabama Chanin’s pattern. I love the way the bottom flares out and the back is longer than the front.

Thanks for reading friends! Have a great Monday!


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      Thanks, JoAnne! It actually went great. Abby didn’t wake up at all (amazing) and Stryder didn’t wake up until 5:30 a.m. I had to get up early, but at least I slept solid all night! Love you and miss you!

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    I have an easy sleeper and a very challenging sleeper too. And it is a big bummer when my husband is out of town and all of said challenges are mine alone.

    The skirt is SO cute! Love it! And love the lace addition. Susan

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    Oh! Also meant to say– if you e-mail and tell them about the problem, they usually re-send the right thing for free. Without making you send back the wrong thing. At least the last time I had that problem they did! (Adrianna had this issue too and got to keep several yards of New York Giants quilting cotton. Score!)

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      Awesome, thanks for letting me know! I might as well try, right? I’ve always known their customer service to be really great. Thanks again for commenting, Susan! 🙂