KCWC Day 3 {Jammies for my Little Man}

On Wednesday (KCWC Day 3) I made these fun pants for my little guy. His big brother has had a pair like this for about a year and it was high time we had some brother-to-brother matching around here.

And look at that! Styder’s on the move! He’s been walking for a few weeks now; it’s adorable.

The only problem with these pants is that I cut them out four months ago, so of course, they are too short! When we had warm weather (last week) this wouldn’t have been a real problem. I mean, at least he wouldn’t have been tripping over the hem. But now it is FREEZING (read: in the 60s) and his poor little ankles really need to be covered up. Today I’ll be adding a red little cuff to these pants.

These were made with a really soft woven flannel shirting from Michael Levine’s in the LA Fabric District. The pattern is from own Summer Shorts, but lengthened into pants.

They are perfect for dancing with Sister….

Or beating on a metal lid.

Or for just looking super duper adorable.


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      Thanks Robin! He wears that shirt in a lot of my posts, but I can’t help myself because it’s so darn cute on him! 🙂