Junebug Dress in Nani Iro Double Gauze

Good morning and happy Monday, friends! I assume many of you are waking up and having a cup of coffee at your kitchen table, or at your desk in the office, and are browsing the web looking for inspiration for today. I’m happy to oblige, especially since I’ve had this particular eye candy waiting in the wings for a couple of months. 
I made this Junebug Dress/Tunic (pattern by CINO) when it was in the testing phase and FELL IN LOVE the moment I cut out the pieces. 
As you can see in the picture below, the tunic length is quite perfect for wearing with skinny jeans or shorts. I chose to make the tunic because Abby has too many dresses already and things were starting to get ridiculous. As you know, I adore making shorts and am always looking for something to make for her to wear with them. Junebug tunic + shorts in the summer = perfect. 
  • The main fabric is a double gauze by Nani Iro, purchased from Miss Matatabi
  • The lining fabric is the same one (red with dots) that I used in my Miss Matilda Dress.
  • The blue buttons came from a vendor at a quilt show I attended in California. 
Can we just gaze at those buttons for a minute? I often find myself choosing buttons that don’t exactly match an outfit, but coordinate in a way that brings an unexpected but pleasing effect. If I could share any part of my aesthetic with you it would be this: be brave in choosing buttons! Size, color, shape — think outside the box. 

The pattern calls for elastic-ruffled sleeves, which are so sweet on little girls, don’t you think?

You’ll notice in the photo below that the tunic is too wide for Abby at this age. You’ve heard me talk about my sizing issues with Abby before: she is three years old but has the measurements of an 18 month old according to mainstream pattern measurements (other than height–she is taller in this one category). I didn’t want to sew her a size 2T in case it turned out too small in some areas, so I went with the 3T size. The top slips off her shoulders a bit but should fit perfectly in the next 6 months. Sewing children’s clothing in a size too big is never really a waste. 

Double gauze was a perfect chose for this pattern. It’s light, feminine, and summery and adds just enough of a whimsical touch to the vintage feel of the pattern. Ahh, that front bib. I can’t get enough!

So, there you have it! I hope you feel inspired to go home an do some girly sewing. Thank you for reading CailaMade! I appreciate it so much, I truly do. Love you all! 


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    so cute! nani iro never fails to make a great looking garment. My daughter is about to turn three and is somewhere in the 12-18 month range a lot of the time in patterns. Except when she doesn’t even make it on the chart at the 6m size (omg). But she seems to be the height of an average 2 year old. So I totally understand about sizing issues.

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    Adorbs!!! I have the same problem with sizing on both my kids. Evan is the worst though, he’ll be 4 in a month and on shorts all the patterns I’ve made for him he measures in the 12-18 month category on his waist and hips!! I’m still trying to figure out all the tweaks to get them to fit him just right…
    Heidi @ handmadefrenzy.blogspot.com

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      I totally know how that goes, Heidi! My oldest boy, on the other hand, is so big at 6y/o that he doesn’t even fit in indie patterns anymore. Totally different problem!

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    Caila! This is darling – that fabric is so sweet and your pictures and daughter are gorgeous, as always!

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    Lovely! Coming on over to visit my bloggy bff! This summer has been SO busy and I haven’t been reading as many blogs, but I was-a-missin’-you! It’s perfect! I love that little abby!

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    Hehe I think I sewed a 2T Junebug bodice for Em (with, like, a 4 or 5T skirt). Definitely fine to make something a smidge too big though. Looooove your fabric choice!