Jumping In {at Sacred Mundane}


I don’t always share personal stories on the blog, but today I’m over at Sacred Mundane, sharing about my journey from being a frustrated, over-committed mom to being one who jumps fully into life, loving every minute of it. Would you join me over there? I’d love to hear your stories! Enjoy the preview below, and then head over to read the rest

At first, I sat by the side of the pool.

Notebook in hand, black pen scratching the pages. Writing in the old fashioned way while the kids played in the hot tub. The sun was sparkling off the pool water, the world was beautiful, and I was dry.
They asked what I was doing and I said, “Writing.”
“What are you writing about?”
“You.” My pen slowed as I stopped to watch them together. Their own little universe, planets revolving around each other, lives that shine so brightly like sun on the water. I turned my face back down to write the words and one of the kids splashed, hard. Water droplets rained down on my paper, smearing the black words. I looked up, still smiling.


  1. says

    Beautiful story. My kids are in bed already (it’s half past eleven in Germany), but I’ll make sure to jump into life with them tomorrow 😉

    • Caila says

      Thank you, Annika! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow with your precious kiddos!