Japanese Sewing: The Blue Dress

 I don’t speak ANY Japanese, which makes things all the more interesting when I sew with Japanese pattern books.

You might wonder why I’m using Japanese patterns–in a language I don’t understand–when there are plenty of sewing patterns out there in English?  Well, I don’t really know what to tell you.  I am powerless against Japanese fabrics and Japanese patterns. They are just so stylish and so, so… perfect!

The little blue number below will become (is becoming) a little blue summer dress for the daughter of a friend. She is cute and blonde and will look smashing in this dress.

I am especially excited about the shoulder ruffles. Just don’t ask me about the pins I accidentally left in the shoulder strap while trying to turn it inside out…or how long it took me to fix. There’s a reason the dress isn’t finished tonight.

But, tomorrow, I should have pictures for you! For now, just imagine me wrestling with those lethal little pins, sticking out every direction while I try to turn a shoulder strap. I needed the picture below just to keep my spirits up. Any regular sewer who’s reading this knows exactly how I feel. The picture did the trick, and now I can’t wait to finish the dress.

Until tomorrow!