It’s all going into boxes…

{Hello dear friends! If you’re visiting from Sacred Mundane today, or this is your first time here, Welcome!}

I wish I had a great post to share with you today but the truth is, I’m doing some really mundane, practical things right now. These mostly involve Packing items into boxes, Tossing things I don’t use, Dusting those hidden areas and Cooking weird meals out of what’s left in the refrigerator and pantry. It’s one of our Moving Days!
Through Saturday things will be pretty crazy around here, so I can’t guarantee any new posts. But I’ll do my best to keep you up-to-date during this time. Thanks for stopping by!
I’ll leave you with a few things I’m learning:
  • Less stuff means less cleaning (and easier cleaning)
  • “Stuff” is awful
  • I need to buy less stuff
  • I need to get rid of stuff more often
  • Minimalism is my new favorite word
The cheers for a new outlook on life and possessions! 
Consequently, I have an entire bin of fabric that I don’t need and never look at. Some of it is just okay and some is really beautiful. Is anyone interested in looking through it? You can take whatever you want!  Or, if you’re not local and you’re still interested, leave me a comment below. Maybe I’ll take some pictures and post them here for ya’ll to look through (I just used the word ya’ll!). You can have what you want for free (though if you’re not local shipping might cost around $2.50). Just let me know!
Have a wonderful day, and if I don’t “see” you before the weekend, have a great one of those, too. Thanks for reading!


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      Cassie, wanna come over and look through my bin? I bet you could use some of it to make some really cute things!

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    “Ya’ll” … it is the Okie blood by marriage coming out in you!!! Miss you guys and wish I was there to help more this weekend. I am doing the mundane…taping and bedding drywall. Thank goodness I don’t have to support a family doing it, I am afraid we would starve! It is not a strong point for me…my area would be the labor/clean-up area. Now, that I can do well!

    OH, and if you don’t get rid of all of your fabric, I can put it with the millions of yards that I have that will one day become a vintage fabric shop!

    Love you guys.


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      Teri-mom, how are ya’ll doing out there? Haha, do you like how I slipped it in there? 🙂 You and I are both doing dirty jobs today. I’m currently cleaning out my closet…and finding all kinds of things at the bottom!

      I’m so excited about the future vintage fabric shop! Love you and miss you!

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    “New outlook on life and possessions”…I want it! The flame is lit…i just need to keep fanning the flame, so it burns up all this “stuff” I’m holding on to!