In Preparation of Moving

It’s happened again.

I lost track of time, blinked, looked at the calendar and realized we move out of our apartment IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS.

Uh oh. Who’s going to pack everything into boxes, throw away the old junk, vacuum, clean and haul boxes to the storage unit?!

Oh, yeah. We are. 

Shoot. Should have started already.

 Actually, I should be an old hand at this. So far our married life has gone something like this:

  • move into first apartment in Corvallis, Oregon (6 months)
  • move to Hawaii (stay at two different friend’s houses, live in two different apartments) (2 years)
  • move to my parent’s house here in California (18 months)
  • move to our apartment here in California (2 years)
  • and now back into my parents house for a short stint while we look for a house.

And really, since my dad was in the US Air Force and I moved every 2-3 years of my life growing up this shouldn’t be anything new. In fact, having a permanent home somewhere will be something new.

So why is it still so hard?

I was just packing up the bookshelf and suddenly felt overwhelmed. There’s so much to do. So I came over to the computer to write about it. Surely, even if it won’t pack my boxes, writing will somehow ease my mind? 🙂

Moving is a bittersweet endeavor. Leaving a home, even one we’ve outgrown, spells the end of an era. It means saying goodbye to some good things:

  • Mornings outside with my neighbor-friend, Caroline, while our children play in the “sand box”
  • Last minute calls, “Can I borrow a stick of butter?,” “Can I snag a cup of coffee?”
  • Watching each other’s children grow
  • Breakfast play dates
  • Having someone just a dozen feet away who cares about us
  • The pool; practically living in it during the summer months
  • No lack of friends for the kids to play with
  • Meeting someone new every day

I’ll miss a hundred little things when we leave this apartment, but mostly I will miss my neighbor-friend and her girls. This mommy-life can be hard and it’s helpful to have a comrade in arms just a few doors down to help lighten the load. Of course we’ll still see each other, but it won’t ever be exactly like it is now.

And that’s the tinge of sorrow in my rainbow.

Ah well, that’s life. Ever moving on and up. Things change, good things come and go. Which is even more reason to follow this advice: everywhere you are, be all there. Don’t miss the good things today by looking too far into the future. If you do, you’ll miss all those beautiful things that make up a real life.

Over the next two weeks my life will be full of all kinds of real things like packing, dusting, tossing, choosing, possibly going completely crazy. If you don’t see a new post every day, you’ll know why. But don’t worry, I’ll be back once we’re nicely settled at my parents house. And then the house hunt will begin. (You can’t see it but I just got a HUGE grin on my face). 🙂

Bye for now!


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    Caila, I love the statement, Wherever you are, be all there. Too true! Personally, I think you do that very well. It’s one of those talents that not everyone has, but we can learn.

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    I love that statement as well! Best of luck with your move and with the up and coming house hunt. Always something to look forward to! I hope you quickly find the home of your dreams, with an online sewing room!! I am still looking forward to receiving my package from your shop!! Your Argyle Pillow inspired me to make throw pillows with it for my daughters room!!
    Be Well

    • says

      Thanks, Trish! And I’m so glad the Argyle pillow inspired you. I can’t wait to see what your pillow looks like! And btw, I sent you an Etsy conversation. 🙂