Image-Only Interview with I Seam Stressed

Today we welcome Tasha of I Seam Stressed for another great Image-Only Interview! Tasha is one of those sewists with a great sense of style. Every time she posts something I think “oooh, I love it!” I particularly love these fashionable refashions, this sweet vintage-looking dress with a peter pan collar, and Tasha’s fabric choices in this tunic. Love them all! Thanks for being here, Tasha. Take it away!

1. What project you currently working on?

A swaddle wrap for him, and a funky dress for her.

2. What is your creative process?

94% staring at fabric, 6% sewing.

3. What has inspired you lately?

Vintage! Buttons, fabric, patterns, all of it.

4. What is one thing you’ve sewn that you are especially proud of?

5. What is your newest favorite sewing technique?
Exposed zippers! Again, with the vintage. Tutorial here.

6. What color best describes this season of your life?
All the colors and all the corresponding emotions.  Pregnancy does that to you.

7. Share a project with us that was so impactful that it changed the way you create and sew.
This recent sew taught me to ‘wait and see.’  I’m feeling more adventurous because of it!
8. What is one thing you would like us to know about you?
Sewing is my second best thing.  Spending hours painting babies for my child is number one.

9. Share with us one detail of your creative space.

The most organized bit there will ever be.