Image-Only Interview with Handmade Frenzy

Happy Wednesday! Today we welcome Heidi of Handmade Frenzy (isn’t that name so appropriate for what we all do??) to our Image-Only Interviews for Sewists. I’ve been having so much fun watching Heidi’s blog grow lately and am so happy to welcome her here. If you’re looking for sewing inspiration and creations your kids would love, check out these super hero masks and this cute Roller Skate Dress flip tutorial. For something really useful, check her car trash bag tutorial (which I should make because I would use it daily). Thanks for being here today, Heidi!

1. What project are you currently working on?

A fun, car themed project for my “wheels” obsessed little man.
2. What is your creative process?
Idea sparked. Sketch, jot notes. Pair fabrics.

3. What has inspired you lately?
Bold colors and geometric shapes.

4. What is one thing you’ve sewn that you are especially proud of?
A beanbag I made for my kids, 2 Christmas’ ago. They LIVE on that thing.
5. What is your newest favorite sewing technique?
This ironing template. Go. Download. Now.
6. What color best describes this season of your life?
Yellow! Bright, happy, and a little crazy. 🙂
7. Share a project with us that was so impactful it changed the way you create and sew.
A simple pdf pattern. I realized I could make ANYTHING, with the right pattern.
8. What is one thing you would like us to know about you?
I love to grow and can my own tomatoes.
9. Share with us one detail of your creative space.
My table of (chaotic) happy.