Image-Only Interview with Darling Adventures

Today we welcome Ginny of Darling Adventures to our Image-Only Interviews for Sewists! You may remember Ginny from when I reviewed her fabric journal cover tutorial here and here. Her video tutorial for journal covers is excellent, and I just saw that she’s released a new tutorial for a DIY mini sewing kit case. Awesome! In fact, she’s really great at accessories all around, so head over to her tutorials page for more great ideas. Thanks for being here, Ginny!

1. What project you currently working on?A new journal cover – this one will be a recipe journal. CailaMade1 2. What is your creative process?I’ll get an idea for a project while I’m driving or Pinteresting or something and then I rummage through my stash to find inspiration and refine the concept – the rummaging is my favorite part; I just want to swim in my stash like Scrooge McDuck with his money! CailaMade2 3. What has inspired you lately?I’m getting back into garment sewing, and since I love all things vintage, these patterns really get my creative juices flowing. CailaMade3 4. What is one thing you’ve sewn that you are especially proud of?I recently drafted a skirt pattern from scratch and it’s the beginning of a new sewing passion. CailaMade4 5. What is your newest favorite sewing technique?Not long ago, I tried out raw-edge appliqué and fell in love with it. CailaMade5 6. What color best describes this season of your life?Think pink! CailaMade6 7. Share a project with us that was so impactful that it changed the way you create and sew.Not to harp on this skirt, but it really has changed the way I think about garment sewing and now 75% of my sewing efforts are geared to making cute clothes (more on that in #8). CailaMade7 8. What is one thing you would like us to know about you?I’m a curvy girl who’s fed up with the lack of cute garment patterns in my size so this skirt is hopefully the beginning of something new – my own line of plus-sized patterns. CailaMade8 9. Share with us one detail of your creative space.I love Psych and, even though I’ve seen all the episodes at least twice, I put it on in the background while I sew and I just laugh and laugh. CailaMade9