Image-Only Interview with Adirondack Inspired

Today we welcome Monica of Adirondack Inspired as the first guest for our week of Image-Only Interviews for Sewists. Welcome, Monica! If you haven’t been to her site yet, you need to go now and read about these adorable toddler pajamas made from a pillow case, the doli tank that first caught my eye, and these perfect pink skinnies that my Abby would adore. Take it away, Monica!

1. What project you currently working on?
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A not-very-exciting photo of the first step in a very exciting pattern tour (stay tuned!).

2. What is your creative process?
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Tricky question…at first I thought it would be Pinterest, but actually my creativity comes from the process of doing, and not worrying about anything else.

3. What has inspired you lately?
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It’s not so much the beautiful sunset, but the idea that just because something happens every day doesn’t make it ordinary.

4. What is one thing you’ve sewn that you are especially proud of?
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My very first self-drafting success–adding a peter pan collar to the Geranium Dress pattern!!!

5. What is your newest favorite sewing technique?
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I wrote about hemming with ribbon in this post, but the real technique that I’ve held onto is–wait for it-no (or very little) pinning. Sacrilege, I know. (ps: try it)

6. What color best describes this season of your life?
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With a 2, 4, and 6-year-old in the house, we live in a rainbow-colored life, bright and loud and full steam ahead.

7. Share a project with us that was so impactful that it changed the way you create and sew.
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This was my first project that felt ‘real.’ It changed everything. I wrote more about my sewing progression here.

8. What is one thing you would like us to know about you?
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I love to sew while listening to various podcasts; TED talks are my jam.

9. Share with us one detail of your creative space.
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The view from the ironing board.