Image-Only Interview Week at CailaMade!

Hey everyone! I’m typing these words from the utterly gorgeous, breathtaking Oregon Coast where my family and I are relaxing for an entire week at Cannon Beach. This is supposed to be a True Family Vacation, so no computer for me except in dire circumstances (the definition of “dire” is up for debate, but either way, I’m going to try and keep the lid on this laptop shut).

To stand in for me this week I have five very lovely ladies from the sewing/blogging world sharing some unique and insightful things about their real lives with you through…

Image Only Interviews for Sewists!

What are those, you ask? Well, I did one awhile back for the notorious and extremely talented Diane of Craftypod and loved it. It was a truly creative and stretching experience. I’m always trying to expand my photography skills, and that interview was the perfect way to grow in using photographs to express details about myself. You know, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

The lovely guests we have this week were hand picked because they impress me with their sense of style, their unique creativity with the sewing craft, and because I plane ole’ believe more people should know they are out there! I’m so glad they joined me for this image-only adventure. Aren’t you excited to see what they come up with?

Our guests for this week are:

The Rules for Image-Only Interviews are simple:
  • Answer each question with one image.
  • Provide one or two lines of description for each image, only when necessary. 
Oh my goodness, I think this is going to be fun! I’ll see you all back here tomorrow for our first interview. Thanks for visiting! 
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