I Made it for The Boy

Before Stryder was born I went into what you might call a, um, nesting phase. And since I expected him to be born early like my daughter, I started sewing for him really early.

What this meant was that I kept sewing and sewing and sewing (for about three months) until he came. In fact, here’s a fun little tidbit for you: my friend Alicia was actually taking these pictures WHILE I WAS IN LABOR. I think she felt a little strange snapping away while I walked around our apartment breathing through contractions. (But I was glad you were there, Alicia!)

Since I had all that time to sew, I came up with some pretty fun items that I LOVE and use all the time. ┬áToday I’m starting a little series showcasing the things I made. If I can (read: if I have time) I’ll share a few tutorials or at least give you a brief rundown on how I made each item. I’ll include the materials I used (fabrics, paints, etc.), the cost, resources for patterns/inspirations, and how long each item took me to make.

It should be fun! I’ve wanted to do this since before Baby Stryder was born, but I (obviously) haven’t had the time. This is my chance to document everything before I forget.

So, tomorrow we will start with his crib and crib sheets! Here’s a few pictures to whet your appetite.

As always, thank you so much for reading, friends!