I Made it for The Boy (3)

This post is about those things I use for my baby boy every single day. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to spend sewing items that I know I’ll use a lot. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem worth the work. Of course, there’s always the joy of creating, but it’s never quite complete unless I really use what I’ve spent time creating.

So, if you’re expecting a baby or like to sew for someone who is, check out these items below. I can confidently tell you that I use these every single day.

Diaper strap
Fabric: On the Road in Ivory (OOP)
Tutorial found here

This diaper strap came together in about 15 minutes, I am not even kidding you. It was one of the most satisfying projects I sewed in my nesting phase.

The diaper strap requires one main fabric (a scrap of fabric 18″ x 8″), a piece of muslin the same size (or a scrap of whatever–it won’t be visible in the final project), a piece of velcro (I think the tutorial says 5″) and a button.

You can view the tutorial by Calico here. She’s got a lot of great stuff posted, so be sure to browse her other tutorials. Speaking of, let’s move on to the next item I use everyday.

Car Seat Cover
Fabric: Space rockets and Woodland Chain from Circa 50
for Birch Fabrics
Tutorial found here

I can’t tell you how many complements I’ve received on this cover! People are always asking if I came up with the idea myself and although, yes I did conceive a similar idea in my head, no this actual car seat cover is not my design. I found this tutorial through Calico while working on the diaper strap. She provides a sketch and some instructions and you basically go from there.

I used three fabrics in mine, which I pulled off the shelf one night at 10:30 when I couldn’t sleep (third trimester insomnia strikes again!). The cover and straps came together quickly, but I had to run to JoAnne’s the next day for trim along the edges. I just couldn’t face making my own bias tape that night. I ended up choosing a yellow that matches the rocket ships and I think it looks just okay. What I really wanted was an orange to match the flames (can you see them there in the front fabric?), but JoAnne’s didn’t have the right color. Oh well, it’s still really cute.

And I use it all the time! It’s so handy for keeping the wind out, or helping Stryder to sleep when we’re out and about. The cover straps on to the handle from underneath so you can still pick up the car seat without getting your hands all tangled in the fabric. The only problem I’ve encountered is that the fabric is very light so it’s picked up by the wind easily. I’d like to sew some weights into the lining, or make another cover with heavier fabric. I’ll let you know how it goes if I do these things.

Burp cloths: I use them all the time!

These burp cloths are some of my favorite things EVER. I make them with a fun fabric on top (quilting cotton or double gauze which is my favorite) and chenille on the bottom.

I use these for soaking up drool or spit up, wiping eyes, propping up his head in the car seat, or just keeping him cozy. They are extremely absorbent and oh so cute.

In fact, tomorrow I’ll post my burp cloth instructions as a tutorial! My very first one, whoohoo. 🙂

Traveling changing pad

First of all, I apologize for the terrible picture. I just looked through all of my thousands of photos looking for a better one of this changing pad but, alas, this is it.

I’ll try and snap a picture tomorrow of Stryder on his changing pad so I can show you what it really looks like and how it functions.

Until then, here are some better pictures of some I’ve made for the feminine species:

I use this changing pad any time I’m not at home. It provides a comfy spot for the baby to rest while his diaper is changed. I love how it wraps up for easy storage in the diaper bag and how easy it is to clean: just throw it in the washer and dryer and, voila!

This boy’s changing pad features a fun, printed fabric on one side and chenille on the other.

I plan on featuring a tutorial for this changing pad soon. I’ve amped it up from my former versions by adding some padding. This protects little heads from the discomfort of lying on a hard surface.

OK, that’s all for now. Those are four of my favorite items that I use every single day. Of course, there are a few more but I’ll save those for another post. In the meanwhile, thanks for reading!

And how about you? What have you been sewing? I’d love to see links if you blog, or hear what you’ve been up to on the sewing front. Thanks again and I’ll be “seeing” you tomorrow!


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    Love this! It makes me want to go get out the changing pad and burp cloths you made, to use for Stryder next time he visits! I have to say, these are extremely well-made, made to last, made to use over and over again. They don’t fade and they always look new.