I finally made a jacket! Aren’t you proud of me? {The Study Hall Jacket}

Happy Cyber Monday, everyone! I’m so excited about this post, because I’ve been waiting to share these pictures with you for what feels like forever. (In reality, it’s probably only been two weeks, but still).

For the longest time I’ve wanted to stretch my skills and sew a jacket, but before now I never had the guts. Living in hot weather I never really had to force myself, and so I conveniently put it off every year. Every year that is, until Andrea of Go To Sew released her Study Hall Jacket pattern and Sabra shared this incredible version, and I just couldn’t hold back the passion anymore. (affiliate links)

So, I made my oldest boy a jacket and HE LOVES IT!

It comes with a cool zippered pocket on the arm (so proud of that detail, by the way):

And welt pockets! These were my first pair of welts and to be honest, they were quite a challenge for me. I needed a little help, so I looked up some video tutorials and found this one VERY helpful. After watching it once I felt like a Welt Pocket Master and whizzed through these ones.

I’m also a bit proud of my zipper. I don’t know why, but putting in a zipper is a great accomplishment, no matter how many times I do it.

What a cutie, huh? He looks so handsome in this jacket. If I told you I loved it, I would be downplaying the whole thing. I adore it. It’s perfect. It makes my whole life complete. Well, my family already did that, but you know what I mean.

OK, read on for some actual details on the jacket versus me just swooning over it and my son the whole time! hehe

As you can see, the Study Hall Jacket pattern has raglan-style sleeves, which look really fun in a contrast fabric. For the suede look, I used some Roc-lon fabric from their Mardi Gras 2 line, in the color Bark (a dark gray). The fabric is actually intended for window coverings or drapery linings, can you believe it?! I used the uncoated version of the product, and it sews up as well as any woven fabric. I found the Roc-lon faux suede much easier to sew with than real leather, and more appropriate for children’s wear, as well. I checked the care instructions on the Roc-lon website and it can be washed in cold, on gentle, alone, and dried on a delicate setting. Pretty easy care for such a cool looking product, huh?

The body of the jacket was made using a cotton twill in a beautiful brown/camel color from my local Jo-Ann’s Fabric & Crafts store. 

The awesome buffalo checkered lining is this flannel from one of my favorite stores in the whole-wide-world: Michael Levine’s in Los Angeles.

Difficulty level: This jacket pattern is definitely for intermediate to advanced sewers. I didn’t have any technical trouble sewing the jacket, but it certainly took a lot of patience and attention to detail. You should be very dedicated to sewing this jacket if you want to make it well. I was able to sew on the rib knit waistband on the first try, but I reinforced it a few times because I didn’t trust everything to stay in place. I’m happy to report that this jacket has been worn a dozen times already and everything is still very secure. 

I’m never very nervous sewing something for Hudson because I know I can pass it along to Stryder when he outgrows it. However, if you’re sewing it for only one boy ever, I suggest checking the measurement chart very carefully. Hudson is 6 years old and I made him the size 7. If your boy is tall, you might want to add a couple of inches to the length of the body, because I’ve noticed that the jacket is likely to be too short on Hudson before the rest of him outgrows it. But he is tall for his age, and you may not have this issue if you boy is short or of average height.

In all honesty, I can’t believe how big he is. Is this my little first-born boy? When did he become this six year old going on 16? In these pics, he looks like a real man on the town. Sigh.

Thank you for reading! If you’re interested in the Study Hall Jacket pattern, you are in luck because it’s on sale today for only $7.50 (marked down from $12)!

Have a great Monday, and I’ll see you all back her on Wednesday for a Mustaching Great Time! That’s just a hint of the awesomeness to come… Until then, friends!


  1. says

    Caila, I’ve been waiting to see the finished jacket ever since you showed some sneak peeks. And I adore it as well. That twill…I need to get some because it looks gorgeous. Great job! It’s an awesome jacket!

  2. says

    Beautiful job on the jacket Caila! Love the choices of materials and colors. Very cool. Great pictures of your son modeling as well, perfect backdrop.

    Sharon Holland

  3. Anonymous says

    AMAZING jacket for your son. In fact, with all the detailing to PERFECTION, it looks couture! Colors are spot on for a young boy. Such a variety of 15 photos to showcase your creation! CAILA, BRAVO on your sewing. Sarah Helene, Minneapolis, MN