How to Survive Fabric Shopping With Kids! {at Go To Sew}

This post is for all the mammas out there who go fabric shopping with children in tow. We all know the best fabric shopping trip is the one you do alone, with plenty of time to browse, and no one waiting for you in the car. We all wish we could shop like that all the time!

But as a mamma of three, I know it’s rarely possible. 

Over the years (and many, many fabric shopping trips with my children) I’ve figured out a few ways to make these trips a success rather than a disaster. Head on over to Go To Sew for my full post on How To Survive Fabric Shopping With Your Children, and some funny stories about our mishaps. (Has anyone else accidentally covered your three-year-old with bolts of fabric at Jo-ann’s??). I’ll see you over there!

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