How to Shop the LA Fabric District: A Video!

Hi all! And welcome to those of you who are arriving at my blog through MadeByRae’s Spring Top Photopool on Flickr. You love to sew; I love to sew. Looks like we’re friends already! I hope you enjoy your time browsing around my blog.

Ok, everyone. I have something really exciting for you today. Are you ready for it? My first video! 

I get a lot of questions from friends and readers along these lines: Where do you shop for fabric? How do you shop the LA fabric district when it’s so overwhelming?

So the last time I was in the LA Fabric District my brother and I threw this together on a whim to answer those questions.

The fabric district is something really best seen in person. It’s bustling with people and punctuated by fabric on every street and corner. Since it’s so large, I narrowed down my favorite block to 9th and Maple and focused there for the video. Believe me, you could probably find every single fabric ever imagined by the human mind in that block alone.

I know. It’s a dream come true! 

Take a look at the video and let me know what you think. Special thanks to Kyle Cowgill for the filming, editing and overall awesomeness that he put into this video.

One last thing: be sure to scroll down for a list of my Quick Tips for shopping the LA Fabric District. Thanks for reading and watching! 

Caila’s Quick Tips for Shopping the LA Fabric District

  1. Take Cash. Most vendors take cards these days, but you’re likely to get a better price if you offer cash. If you’re out for a big shopping trip and are worried about the safety of carrying that much money in your pocket, you can find a number of ATMs in the area. You can find one at the California Market Center.
  2. Be Confident. The best thing you can do when shopping for fabric on the street is be self assured. If you want to know how much something costs, just go in there and ask! If the price isn’t right, suggest another price and if the shop owner won’t barter you can always look around at the other vendors before purchasing.
  3. Be prepared to stay awhile. It’s just not possible to shop the LA Fabric District for only one or two hours. I’m usually there for the whole day and even then I wish I had more time! Pack a lunch or dinner if you don’t want to spend precious fabric money on food. 🙂
  4. Take a List. It’s hard to remember the specific items you need when you’re confronted by the sheer number of fabrics and notions available. I always take a list and check it frequently, but I’m always surprised by something special.