How much is too much?

Well, folks, it’s official: I own too much fabric. Allow me to grant you a window into my thoughts while I packed up my room today. It’s where I’ve kept most of my fabric for the past couple of years.

{Starting on the hutch} This isn’t so bad. It’s all nice and orderly. I’ll just pick up the sections and put them in this bin here. It looks like it will hold a lot…

There we go. The bin’s full, hutch is empty. No big deal. Moving on to the fabric in the closet…

Ohmigosh! What is all this? Where did it come from? Did I BUY all of this? {Digging in} Oh. my. gosh., where am I going to put all of this? Will it fit in my bins? What am I going to tell Brian?! Does he know I have all of this?

{Secretly panicking, trying to pack it all before Brian gets back from the storage unit} IT WON’T FIT. Where did all of this COME from? I’ll have to get rid of some. {Putting the fabric I haven’t even looked at in a year into separate bins to give away. I fill three bins.}

How did this happen?! I only began sewing two and a half years ago. I should never have taken free fabric! I should not buy more fabric! Why didn’t I throw away all these scraps?!

{I look at rapidly-filling bins, the contents of my fabric closet littered all over the room. My breathing escalates, my heart rate goes up and my tongue begins to go numb like it does when I’m getting a migrane. My stomach feels sick.} Surely this is not how I’m supposed to respond to fabric? I LOVE FABRIC! {I take a break.}

{At lunch with Brian} I go slightly hysterical with laughter telling him about all the fabric. I drink some tea, slow my breathing. Repeat to myself, “I am in charge of this fabric. I am in control. I will just give some away.”

{Four hours later} I think it’s finally packed. Brian doesn’t seem very astonished, really. Hmm. One third is set aside to give away or donate. I look at the SIX LARGE BINS FILLED WITH FABRIC I AM KEEPING, shake my head. It’s better than when I started…

Brian packs all of my bins, my craft boxes, thread tub, sewing machine and serger in the van. The van is completely full. I walk back into our room and see there, in all it’s glory, a forgotten basket of fabric. Brian walks in,”Oh yeah, I found that on my side of the closet.” Noooooooooo!

So, there you have it. I have too much fabric! If I can get around to it today (Friday) I’ll try and take some pictures of the good stuff. Then you can comment if you want something. I would do it right now but I put Stryder down to sleep in our room (dang) and don’t want to get the THREE BINS OF FABRIC out so I can take the pictures. C’est la vie. There is always tomorrow.

Consequently, I will not be ordering this line of fabric by Aneely Hoey although I want to soooo badly. But you should! 🙂

A Walk in the Woods by Aneela Hoey for Moda


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    My mom & I joke all the time about how much fabric we have gathered over the years and how long it sits before it is made into something useful (if ever)… we call ourselves “Fabric Collectors”! Welcome to the club!

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      I love it! We are merely “fabric collectors!” And of course, the good thing about us is that we actually do use the fabric. Eventually. 🙂