Home from Vacay!

Hello friends! For a few days I’ve been back from vacation and staring at this blog every night without the time to write the exciting posts I’ve been wanting to share with you. I’ve finally decided this is ridiculous, and I’m just going to break the ice and say…

I’m baaack!

I was in Oregon for a family wedding for about a week and before that was Hudson’s oh-so-awesome Space Birthday Party which I am still geeking out about. I cannot. wait. to show you the pictures.

In Oregon I fell in love all over again with TREES and REAL GRASS (the soft kind without wasps in it) and cool wind and family and quaint little coffee shops and sleeping in and old friends and cinnamon twists and my baby boy Stryder who was my only child who travelled with me.

Of course, to keep me sane I needed some Face Time with these sillies:

and coffee in my Grandparent’s fabulous kitchen:

I sat on their porch and looked out at the farm, arguably the most beautiful place on earth.

In the in-betweens, I had a lot of fun with this brother of mine. (Yes, ladies, he’s single, handsome and hilarious. You can follow his comedy videos on YouTube. I am not responsible for anything outrageous you see or hear there!).

I also saw old friends and fell in love with their children:

While they fell in love with mine.

I saw my life in pictures all over my grandparents’ house.

And had the joy of seeing my grandmother feed Stryder in this highchair and bib. The highchair was purchased for me and subsequent grandchildren back in 1981 and it has never been re-covered. The bib was bought in 1953. Pretty much the most awesome thing ever.

I had some fabulous success consignment store shopping.

And visited our old church where I attended regularly for 7 years.

Before leaving Portland I even had the pleasure of having lunch with Kristin from Skirt as Top at the famous Mother’s Bistro! I was so mad at myself for forgetting to take a picture!

All in all the trip was perfection. I only wish my whole family could have been with me. There were a few disasters along the way, of course (it wouldn’t have been a true family trip without one). These included:

  • leaving my garment bag with my dresses for the rehearsal dinner and wedding in the vehicle parked in long term parking… back in California.
  • leaving the camera at home (which is why these are all Instagram photos from my iPhone).
  • missing our scheduled flight out of Cali and waiting 3 hours for the next one (could have been worse).
  • leaving my baby puffs and formula on the table after lunch with Kristin and arriving at PDX without ANYTHING to feed Stryder. Good thing they sell Similac bottles for “only” $4.95 in the airport. Seriously, I would have paid anything for those things.

This vacation was so refreshing. I’m so thankful for my wonderful mother-in-law, Teri, and my sister-in-law, Melissa, for helping with the other two kids while I was gone. They had a wonderful time with you! Of course, I also have to thank my husband who let me leave him with two thirds of our children without even blinking an eye. It was great to go, but even better to come home to my most-loved-ones. 

Thanks for reading, friends, and thanks for checking back here even though I was gone for-ev-er. We all need vacations, right?


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    it was so nice to meet you too – thanks for making it happen right before you flew out! and SHOOT, i’m so sorry i didn’t notice that the puffs/formula were still on the table. 🙁 must’ve been too distracted by holding your adorable child.

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    Oh that was a great post about a great trip! It was so much fun having you and Stryder there, you were both a big hit with everyone. I love reading over all the high points (I hadn’t heard about the puffs/formula – poor you!) and reliving it all again.