Hexi Hair Clips Tutorial


Today I’m excited to be participating in a sewing series called Straight Lines and Angles, hosted by my friend Jess at If Only They Would Nap. It’s all about celebrating the geometric trend we’re seeing — and loving — so much of these days. I don’t know if you remember, but in the Fall when I participated in Project Run and Play I made an outfit for Abby designed all around my favorite trendy geometric shape, the hexagon. Among other things, I made these Hexi Hair Clips and promised you a tutorial. Well, it took me six months but I’m finally delivering on that promise! Hello straight lines and angles for your little girl’s hair. Hello hexi hair clips!



All you need to make these little cuties are:

  • Fabric scraps
  • Hand sewing needle and thread
  • Embroidery needle and thread
  • Paper hexi pieces (you can download one here or just draw some yourself on card stock and cut them out. Some local quilt shops carry them, as well.)
  • White felt
  • Mini hair clips



Pull out some scraps and choose something your daughter will love. DSC09434

Get your paper pieces. (Note: mine have all those holes in them because I used them over and over again.)


Please keep in mind during the following steps that you are basting the hexis before sewing them together, so yes, you will be sewing fabric to paper. The paper will eventually be removed and everything will work out beautifully, I promise!

  1. Cut out a piece of fabric that is 1/4″ larger than the paper template all around. Thread your needle and knot the thread.
  2. With the wrong side of the fabric facing you, fold one edge in and bring the needle in toward you from the back side. Pull the thread all the way through.
  3. Fold over the next edge and pierce the corner with the needle. Pull the thread all the way through to the side not facing you.
  4. Fold over the next edge and bring the needle back through to your side. Continue these steps until all the edges and corners are stitched down. Remember, these are basting stitches, so they don’t need to be pretty!

how-to-make-hexis-1 how-to-make-hexis-2

Here’s a closer look:





Now cut out a piece of white felt in the same shape but about 1/8″ smaller all around. This will become the backing for your hair clip.DSC09453


Press your hexis with a hot iron (paper included) to set the folded edges. Next, remove the basting stitches and pull out the paper. Fold the sides of the fabric back down into place and press again.



Place the felt piece onto the back of your hexi and use the embroidery thread to stitch the two together. Make sure to use nice, even stitches so they look nice on the front of your hair clip. Once you’ve stitched all the way around, knot off the thread.DSC09473

Using a pair of small, sharp scissors, make a cut in the felt that is just large enough to fit a hair clip. DSC09427


Open up a mini hair clip and slide the top inside the opening in the felt. You can now use the hexi as a hair clip! You’ll notice that the hair clip is not permanently secured inside the hexi. I like this because it means I can change the hexi out for a new one even if I can’t find a new clip. (We lose a lot of them around here).

See? They are so easy to make! I think these Hexi Hair Clips make a great birthday gift for any little girls in your life. If you are already gifting a handmade outfit, why not throw in some coordinating hair pieces? DSC09403

Thanks so much for reading! Before I go, I thought you might like to see a few other ways I used these mini hexis in my daughter’s outfit. Hair clips, of course:


Half hexi pockets:


Hexi embellishments on the side panels:


And hexis on the front yoke. Now THAT was a fun challenge.

DSC05938This was a really fun outfit to make, and the Hexi Hair Clips might be my favorite part. I’m so glad I finally got to show you how to make them! Happy sewing, and have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!