Hello Fall, welcome to Southern California

fyi, I announce the Sally Dress giveaway winner at the bottom of this post. 

As a SoCal girl I’ve kind of learned to give up my expectations for a traditional Fall. Usually, the air conditioning is still running full steam ahead on Christmas Day, and UGG boots are more of a fashion statement than a necessity. But THIS FALL has completely exceeded my expectations. So far, this Fall has wooed me heart and soul.

I’m already wearing my TOMS booties all day every day, the kids are in long pants, and Stryder even got to wear his awesome red vest to the pumpkin patch the other day. He may have been wearing short sleeves, but whatever, I’m still calling this a REAL FALL. I am a SoCal girl, remember? I may or may not have forgotten what a REAL FALL is.

For me, the best part of every season is sharing traditions with our children. The onset of Fall, of course, takes us to the pumpkin patch where the kids fondle hundreds of funky pumpkins and I pick out natural home decor. My husband pulls the wheelbarrow and it’s a win-win-win situation.

Husband: “Kids! Don’t just grab every pumpkin you see. I’m not spending $60 in pumpkins today.”
Me: “Wait, there are rules? How many pumpkins am I allowed to buy?”
Husband: “The rules don’t apply to you. Just the kids.”
Me: “Oh good.” 

Cashier: “That will be $66, sir.”


This year I fell in love with these white pumpkins.

And this baby boy in the pants I made him for Project Run & Play (someone PLEASE tell me to get my booty in gear and actually grade some of my patterns into different sizes. I keep getting distracted and sewing new things).

And this girl and boy riding a pony.

And this man with his glorious profile and the way he cares for our babies.

I think I’m going to love this Fall and all that it entails. The house is already decorated, with pictures to come for you all soon. You can see a teaser of our mantel and the scrumptious white pumpkin here.

The downside of Fall is suffering through colds, and sore throats, and nasty phlegmy stuff in my throat that makes me sound like a frog, and losing my voice completely so that the kids can’t hear anything I say and run amuck. That’s been this last week, but I think it’s finally over. I’m currently sitting in my bed, surrounded by a mountain of cough drop wrappers preparing to get a full night of sleep and finally kick this thing. There have been a lot of 8-hour nights of sleep lately, due to the new-found wisdom I gained by entering my 30s and realizing that my body may actually DIE one day of exhaustion.

Since I’ve been under the weather, I haven’t actually sewn much this week. I am really excited about something I’ll be sharing with you next week along these lines (one words: Bima!). Some upcoming projects will really throw me into Fall and Winter sewing (ya know, of the SoCal variety anyway).

Lastly, please let me know how you have been doing! Do you have any special Fall Traditions? Does each person in your family pick a different kind of pumpkin? Can you see your personalities reflected in the pumpkins you each choose? (Abby got a pink pumpkin this year. PINK! Did you know those existed??). I’d love to hear from you! 

And the VERY last thing to do before I go is to announce the winner of the Sally Dress Sewing Pattern giveaway! 

Congratulations Shayne on winning your own copy of the PDF pattern! Whoohoo! I sent you an email. Happy Sewing!
Thank you all for participating, and for your lovely comments about my version! I love how it turned out and want to wrap myself up in that soft corduroy and sleep away this cold. Until next week, friends! 


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    I was smiling and nodding my head while you were describing fall in SoCal. I would love to enjoy a fall with leaves changing color, not celebrating Thanksgiving while its 80 degrees…but I do love the crisp fall mornings! We have a sick house as well but I’ve been sewing some “fall” clothes for the kids! Can’t wait to see what you have sewn!