Heat, Sleep Deprivation and a Craft Show

Caila of Little Boo Boutique, and Cassie of La Bella Bird Boutique
at the Feb. 12 CBU Homecoming Block Party craft show.

I am a girl who lives by the phrase, “Go big or go home.” I don’t do anything half way.  Ask my parents, ask my husband, ask my friends now and my friends from high school. Caila goes big, or she goes home.

This is probably why I’ve barely taken one day off sewing since I decided it was one of my favorite activities in the whole world.

So, true to form, I spent the past two weeks getting ready for the CBU Block Party craft show. My friend Cassie and I shared a booth and spent many, many nights burning the midnight oil (or rather, the early morning oil, since we stayed up until at least 2:00 a.m. every night leading up to the show). We were tired, but we were getting things done. My only regret is that we didn’t set up a video feed for remote sew-alongs in the wee hours of the morning. Cassie would have been better company than repeated episodes of Bones! (That show starts to seem really creepy around 1:00 a.m. Must be the dead bodies).

Despite serious sleep deprivation and the worst heat I have ever had to sit through the craft show was a success!  Cassie sold a lot of her beautiful hand-made accessories (the girl’s amazing–you will soon be able to purchase her items through her Etsy shop).

The crowd mostly consisted of college students who are not having babies yet, so although I made some sales (which, thankfully, paid for the day’s work), the real success was in passing out a gazillion business cards. Ok, ok, not a true gazillion. But I did give out somewhere between 100 to 125 cards, which means at least that many people came through and looked at our booth.

It’s always good to participate in local shows. I’m excited to see what kind of fruit comes from this show in the future. But for now, I’ll stop talking and let you look at some pictures! (BTW, it was tough to get good pictures because the sun was so brutal. Sorry!)

Look for these items in my shop over the next few days!

Little Boo Boutique booth at CBU’s Homecoming Block Party
Changing pads, burp cloths, wash cloths, onesies, baby headbands
I painted this logo on white muslin using fabric paints and a freezer-paper stencil the night before.

Paisley Dress, size 5T

The star of the show! Everyone LOVED this dress. Size: NB
Wider view of the dress rack and booth. Sorry the lighting is so terrible.