Happy Thanksgiving, and Mini Drawstring Bags

Hello lovelies! It’s Thanksgiving night and I just settled into the couch to wait for my Love to get home from work. We had a wonderful day (even though my husband worked) filled with family, good food, beautiful weather, and Despicable Me at the end of it all. I’m thankful for many things at this point in my life, and don’t have the time to write them all in this blog post, but I do want to say how thankful I am for YOU who come daily to this blog to read!

It’s been a fun and wild almost-two years of blogging about sewing, and I thank God every day for the chance to do something I love while staying home with my children. I hope to continue creating, and photographing, and writing for many years to come. You all mean so much to me, along with this whole community and I can hardly imagine my life without it.

To those of who you live daily with me (husband, children, family, friends) thank you for putting up with my late-night writing, my sketches that drift like snow into the corners of our home, our bags, our kitchen drawers. Thank you for letting me sew you new things, and for loving them. Thank you for the pictures you sit for, or stand for, or pose for, and for living this small-big dream with me. I know this blog is one in a world of millions, and small, but it’s filled with things we love and dream about. Thank you for simply being, and for being here in life, with me. I love you.


Moving forward I plan to slow down a bit. The holiday season in blog-land is busy and exciting, and I love it!, but I am looking forward to a slower pace as we approach Christmas.

In the meantime, please head over to Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! for my most recent basic sewing tutorial: Mini Drawstring Bags. I’m playing with the idea of making a bunch more of these and using them for Advent this year. Wouldn’t that be FUN? They would spread some fabric good cheer around our home and could be used year after year. 
Can you think of any other good uses for these bags? Stuff them with small gifts and pop them in a stocking on Christmas night. Fill them with treats for a Christmas party. Enclose a small gift with a handmade tag for the neighbors. My list of ideas can go on and on… 
Enjoy the quick and simple tutorial, and enjoy this weekend with your family. They are the most important ones, after all. Love to you! 


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    Beautiful with all the drawsting bags on the wire. I have a surprise for you if you visit my blog. I’ll send you a mail tomorrow. Have a nice evening.