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This week has been so much fun for me, and now I get to welcome Jessica from A Little Gray to our Best of Fall pattern review series! I can’t even remember how I first found Jessica, but I think it had to do with Project Run and Play. I remember she made a fantastic Chevron Circle Skirt and I thought, “Who is this talented woman??” She went on to win Season 4 of Project Run and Play, and wows me frequently with her stylish kids’s clothes. I especially love what she sews for her boy (this outfit is my favorite!), because I find it a constant challenge (albeit an exciting one) to sew great clothes for my boys. On top of sewing for her kids, Jessica makes some amazing quilts. She always has something fun going on at her blog, A Little Gray, so don’t hesitate to go check it out. And don’t miss the chance to leave Jessica some comment love below! Thanks for joining us, Jessica!


Hi, I’m Jessica from a Little Gray and I’m so happy to be here on Caila’s blog today. She is really one of the sweetest bloggers out there, and so creative!

I have a lot of favorite basic patterns I’ve been using lately. But sometimes fall sewing is about going beyond basics to some really special accessories. And sometimes fall sewing is just about Halloween! The Cozy Winter Hood pattern from Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson is the perfect fall hat pattern for kids. So adorable for their every day cold weather hat, and so easy to adapt into their costume.

This year I’ve decided to simplify Halloween a little by making both my kids the same costume- bats. My 3 year old Hendrix has become obsessed with referring to all of us as bats lately for some reason, calling us Mommy Bat, Daddy Bat, Baby Bat, and Big Boy Bat. Kids are so hilariously weird aren’t they?
So I made both kids the cozy winter hood in a size medium. (He is too busy at preschool to model for me today, but this is Baby Bat, aka Elsie.) I simply changed the ear pattern piece to make it longer and pointy like bat ears. I used a really sparkly black costume polyester for the outside of the hoods, and a print from Tula Pink’s spooky Night Shade line for the lining. I love the moons and storm clouds, very ominous!

This pattern really comes together so perfectly, just like all Oliver & S patterns. This is one of those craft books that you will actually use a lot, so if you don’t own it yet, get it! I love it so much I led a sew-along thru most of it last year on my blog. 
The only tricky part with my bat version was getting the ears to have the perfect amount of perky. You have to tack the ears open on the inside with a couple hand stitches, and it’s kinda hard to get both the ears to stick up evenly. But it’s a short step and it was easy to give it another try until the position was right. 

Here is the every day version I made her last year with the ears as they are shaped in the pattern. Tiny 8 month old Elsie barely filled out the extra small back then! I used purple fine wale corduroy on the outside and soft white minky on the inside. It’s great that this pattern lends itself to using such soft fall fabrics with different textures. I’d love to try a velveteen and flannel version as well.

Thanks so much for having me Caila, I’ve been really inspired with this series to keep on sewing through my kids’ wardrobe!


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    Jessica, I love the bat hat…hey that rhymes! I totally love that tula pink fabric inside, awesome!! I finally finally finally got my little things to sew in the mail this week…I too am planning on using this hood as part of costumes! yay!

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    WAY cute. I’ve made this hood a few times now, and it’s such a cute pattern. I think a fox (and maybe elephant?) version is on the horizon very soon.

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    I totally needed a nudge….my 2 y/o son wants to be a wolf this year. This would work out perfectly! Now just gotta figure out the tail…..hmmm. That bat baby is adorbs!!!!