Guest Post by Gail of Probably Actually

Please join me in welcoming Gail of Probably Actually for Day 2 of our Best of Fall Patterns series! I first found Gail’s blog through Vintage May last spring when I saw her dress for the series and just about died of cute. I have to tell you, that dress is still one of my favorite things floating around in sewing-blog-land. I’m a sucker for vintage inspired outfits, baby pompoms, and cute little models who remind me of my own Abby-girl. I’m so glad Gail could join us today and show off some more of her snazzy sewing!

But that’s not all… Please read to the bottom for a generous 20% off coupon to the Oliver + S paper pattern shop! 


Hello! I’m Gail from Probably Actually, happy to be here reviewing my favorite fall pattern! I sew a lot from Oliver + S patterns, and last October I made my first School Days Coat. The pattern became an immediate favorite. Here is my version of the coat:

There are plenty of things to love about this pattern. Like all Oliver + S patterns, it was clearly written and easy to follow, even if you’ve never sewn a lined coat before (which I hadn’t). Most lined jacket patterns I’ve seen simply have you sew right sides together and turn the whole thing inside out. But this one has ease built into the lining, including the sleeves and hem, which makes for a comfortable fit and a professional looking coat.
The pattern has options for toggle or button closures, as well as for a removable quilted lining (vest or with sleeves), which would make for a very warm and practical winter coat.
I used a lightweight wool, but I’ve seen this pattern made up in corduroy, canvas, and laminated cotton – all great choices for fall.
It’s one of the more labor-intensive patterns I’ve worked with – 16 pieces to cut out, and some hand sewing at the sleeves and hem to finish it off. Expect to work on this one for awhile, but rest assured that the directions will walk you through each step. And it’s so worth it in the end – I’ve never been more excited about finishing a garment in all my days of sewing.
I made a size 2 for my daughter, who was 2.5 years old last fall (left), and it still fits her now at 3.5 (right)! She’s fairly average in height and weight, so I’d say the sizing is pretty generous.
This pattern is no longer in print, but it’s available here as a digital download. Don’t hesitate to dive right in, it’s a great pattern!
Thanks for having me, Caila! Looking forward to learning about some great fall patterns this week!

It gets even better! If you have a hankering for an Oliver + S pattern, header over to their shop and save 20% on all paper patterns from now through midnight ET on Friday, Oct. 19! Use the code CAILA20 to receive your discount. Thank you Oliver + S!


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    Gaaaah – this is perfection! I love the color and that embroidered tag!??! So cute. I’m glad it still fits her, because after all that work, one season is just not long enough! I don’t quite understand the removable quilted lining part – I’m guessing you didn’t make that part? Maybe I’ll go check out the O+S site to find out more 🙂 Awesome work, Gail! Love this series, Caila!

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    OMGoodness!! I want one! Does the pattern come in adult sizes? Maybe I should make a navy blue one for Silas. Every stylish Irish little boy needs a wool coat, right? Even in California?! Ha!!