Graphic Tees for S and A

Happy week-after-Thanksgiving to you all! If you are anything like me, today you are dragging yourself back into your usual routine after a few days off and a lot of good food. My oldest had the whole week off school, so we took the time to really enjoy each other and the break. I hope you had the chance to do the same!

I have a few exciting things coming up, and later today I’ll be posting a little preview of something special (hint: it has to do with Christmas, and Abby, and dupioni silk). But in this post I’m going to show you my newest favorite-ever sewing project (actually, two). Hope you enjoy!

On to the first thing! Ever since I saw Cirque De Bebe’s fabulous Squid on a Couch tank I knew, I knew, I had to try her technique using TAP (Transfer Artist Paper). As a side note: I want to copy everything Sophie makes because she’s just so dang creative and fun! So I bought some TAP from Leslie Riley’s shop and I am so pleased with the result. Check it out:

Abby’s a princess, so of course she needed a crown. I like the way the black and pink go together. She always wants to wear pink–every day–but I don’t want her to look too froo-froo, so this top is a compromise. It’s a simple Flashback Skinny Tee with the following changes:

1. Three-quarter sleeves.
2. A curved waist. (I’m not a fan of straight waists on girls’ shirts–just personal preference).
3. A ruffled collar.
4. Bias-bound neckline rather than the usual.

These changes were easy to make. I’d love to make a tutorial for you, so I’ll try to make another one soon and take some pics. But in the meantime, this top was so simple I’m sure you could easily do something similar.

I bought the crown image (and many, many others) from Madame Bricolage on Etsy (directed there by Cique De Bebe). I’m having way too much fun collecting these images right now!

Speaking of. Check out Stryder’s Strong-Man Shirt {how do you like that alliteration?}:

I think this is the absolutely perfect graphic for my S-man. He is only one year old but I swear he thinks he’s 15.  Slow down, baby… you’re growing too fast!

These shirts are just the first two in what is sure to be a long line of TAP projects. If you are interested in working with this particular TAP, I’ve listed some tips below to help make your project a success. Just so you know, I am not being paid to say any of this. I wish I was! {haha}

Tips for working with Leslie Riley’s TAP {Transfer Artist Paper}

1. The cost is $12.95 for 5 sheets of TAP paper {before shipping}. That seems like a lot, but I was able to get three t-shirt images out of one sheet of paper. And based on my results, I think the price is worth it.

2. Using TAP is infinitely less annoying and more satisfying than freezer paper stenciling with fabric paint. Man, I hate that method. I know it’s simple and über popular, but I hope I never have to cut freezer paper with an exacto knife again. {As a side note: pre-made stencils and fabric paint are a great option. Also stamps and fabric paint.}

3. The image came out clear and bold. It was easy to iron-on and looks like a screen-printed image.

4. I suggest cutting carefully around your image to remove all extra TAP before ironing on. Otherwise, you may have some white-ish area around your image. I cut carefully around each of my images with a sharp pair of scissors before ironing.

5. These shirts did not become stiff where I transferred on the image. Not at all.

6. You must use an INK JET PRINTER for this paper. You cannot use a laser jet or something bad will happen. The world may explode or just your printer, but either way your project will fail! Check your printer before purchasing. {I actually bought an inkjet so I could use this paper. Yes, I did. Only $25 on Craigslist, new in the box.}

7. Make sure you set the image to print MIRROR IMAGE so it comes out the right way on your shirt.

8. Finally, I can’t tell you how much dang fun I had printing images from my computer and putting them on stuff.

Those are my tips, folks! You’re sure to see more projects using TAP on the blog from now on.


And lastly, take a gander at Abby’s new JEGGINGS!

These were made using Andrea’s awesome new Go-To Leggings pattern and I LOVE them! Abby loves them, too, because they were made using an ultra-stretchy jeggings material that is also ultra-comfortable. Abby’s all for looking cute and being comfortable at the same time. Can’t say I blame her.
Be sure to try the new Go-To Leggings pattern, available here! There are about a hundred options, including skirted leggings, which I must try next. 
Thanks for stopping by, friends! I hope I didn’t give you picture over-load. I’m prone to that. 🙂 Have a wonderful Monday and I’ll see you back here soon! *mwah*


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    I love your alliteration… it’s beautiful, as well as, how adorable these shirts are! Ah! I want a ruffle collar tee with a princess crown on it for me…lol! I definitely want to try this technique, because freezer paper stencils looks “trashy” to me and these look a to-the mazing! PHONE DATE as soon as you get back into your “routine”. Ha!

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    I wanted to try the product for a long time. I also first read about it on Cirque du Bebe. Thanks fo rthe tips. The shirts look great!

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    I LOVE these. The raglan tee is so stinkin cute, and the princess tee is just perfect. Your Abby reminds me so much of my Caroline. Little petite and blonde!

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    No picture overload at all! I was so happy to see another project using this transfer paper . . . I too have been wanting to give it a shot but haven’t yet. Your shirts look great!! Thanks for the info and tips on how best to use the paper. It’s always so helpful to hear from someone who has used the product. Looking forward to seeing more!

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    Love this! I have been wanting to make shirts similar type graphics to these for some time but was really scared because I didn’t want to waste my time but this is awesome!

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    I LOVE this shirt!!! Adorable! Question… What kind of bias tape did you use on the neck? And how did you get it to be stretchy enough to go over her head?? Do they make such a thing as jersey bias tape?