Gold Fever Shorts

Whoa, where have I been?! I haven’t posted all week. Sheesh, who am I?

I took a break from posting this week, mostly because work was busy and I had a lot of information to get through. When I’m not working, I’m lovin’ on my kids, spending time with my husband and (hopefully) doing a little sewing. Therefore, no blogging this week. Life will slow down soon, right?  (Clears throat at self because this is complete fiction).

Anyway, how about them shorts??! I am so in love with these! They are made of out an awesome denim I found while shopping at the FIDM Scholarship Store last month in LA. The “right” side is a dark-wash denim, but the “wrong” side has an awesome print in gold all over it. I knew it would make a great pair of shorts for Hudson the first moment I saw it. I think I said something like this when buying it:

Me: “Hi. Can you cut me a yard of this, please?” (she prepares to cut).
Me: “Wait, no. Actually, I’ll take two yards.” (she measures two yards and, again, prepares to cut).
Me: “Um, hold on. How much is there, actually?” (a pause while the poor lady measures the entire giant piece of fabric).
Me: “Four yards? That’s all you have left? Okay, yeah, I’ll take the whole four yards.” (she folds it into a big, heavy square and adds it to the tower of my fabric on the counter.)

Yeah, that’s how it usually goes when I’m at FIDM. When in doubt, BUY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

The pattern I used is the same one I used for these shorts. It’s from the Happy Homemade Vol. II Japanese sewing book and I LOVE IT. There are no instructions (well, they are in Japanese) but the pictures are very helpful and more than sufficient.

Come fall, I think Hudson will need a pair of pants like this. Perhaps for kindergarten? (School starts next month, sob!) I think I have a lot of fall sewing ahead of me. But you know what? That doesn’t bother me one bit. 🙂

Here are some pictures of Hudson wearing these shorts outside. The lighting makes such a difference. The pictures above show off the shape of the shorts, but you just can’t beat outdoor lighting.

And one more of Hudson, just because he’s so handsome:

Thanks so much for reading, friends! I’ll try not to be away for so long next time. 🙂