Geranium Dress in Snow White Pink

I am waaaaay behind on my posting. The other day, I listed all the outifts and concepts I haven’t blogged about yet and realized I have enough to last me three months at 3 posts a week! Haha, crazy, huh?

So, I’m going to spend the rest of January catching up on these posts by sharing pictures and simple comments on each one. Then I can start the rest of the year fresh.

I have a really special one to share with you today. This is Abby’s new Geranium Dress, in Heather Ross’s Snow White (Far Far Away 3). I finished in the week before Christmas, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Abby’s Easter dress. It’s hiding safely in the closet until then.


The pattern is Made by Rae’s new Geranium Dress, and it is AWESOME, you guys. I seriously love this pattern. I’ve sewn many of Rae’s patterns and she’s never led me astray. The directions are clear and thorough, the pictures are helpful, and I always feel like I walk away with a new skill. There are also multiple views for this pattern, so you can buy it once and make so many different dress styles with it. It’s really a great pattern to have on hand if you have a girl, or sew for girls.

My very favorite part? Rae has provided a printing guide, and laid out the pattern pieces in such a way that you only have to print THE SIZE YOU NEED. Really. Only the size you need. No printing 20-something pages, taping them all together, tracing the correct size and then cutting it out. I loved printing one (or two maybe?) pieces for Abby’s bodice size and then a few pieces for the skirt.

(I’m not exactly sure how many pages I printed for Abby’s size because I’m on vacay and can’t check, so don’t hold me to those numbers! But trust me, it wasn’t very many).

I then read all the instructions on my laptop, so I really didn’t have to use much paper, ink, or time to put together this pattern. After that, the instructions were easy to follow and the dress came together in one afternoon. Easy peasy!

Abby’s dress is size 3T and has flutter sleeves, a notched neckline, and buttons in the back.

Abby L-O-V-E-S her new pink dress. Have I mentioned that she will only wear pink, or occasionally teal or purple?

So since she loves pink, and I love Heather Ross, this dress is a perfect blend for the two of us. 🙂 Enjoy a few more detail pics of the dress, and don’t forget to head over to Rae’s shop for the pattern! Thanks for reading!


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      Thanks An! All the pink in this house is going to kill me one of these days, haha! You will love this pattern. 🙂

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    Caila, your daughter and the dress are both beautiful! I really want to try this pattern out because I just love Rae’s Washi pattern, but I’ve had to restrict my spending for a while. Hopefully, I’ll be able to buy it soon. How did you add the detail on the flutter sleeves? Are the edges just zigzagged?

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      Thank you, Veronica! I’m so sorry it took me awhile to answer your question! I guess I missed it because we were on vacation. The finishing on the sleeves is a very small zigzag. I just love how it turned out!

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    Gorgeous, Caila! The detail on the flutter sleeves is so delicate…beautiful! And so neat that you only had to print off one size! Is each size drafted separately? That’s so cool! Piecing together pdf patterns is not my fave thing! 🙂

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      Thanks so much, Heidi! Yes, each bodice piece is drafted separately, so you can print ONLY the one you need. No piecing together and taping! I hate that part, too.

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      Erin, I meant to reply sooner! I have some I can sell you, if you’re interested. It’s on the bolt. I’ll send you an email. 🙂

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    You should come to OUR house if you “love” pink…don’t worry, it gets under your skin after a while 😉 I’d love to know how you did the detailing on the sleeves too if possible…I love it! Well, I love the whole dress actually. Love Love!
    🙂 emily

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      Thanks Emily! Sorry it took me so long to answer this question. The finishing on the sleeves is a very tiny zigzag stitch. 🙂

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    Adorable dress Caila!! I saw this pattern before Christmas but don’t like PDF patterns due to the printing taping etc. so it is nice to know you can print 1 size at a time. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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    The lining is awesome. Abby looks fabulous in the dress, and it clearly made a hit with her! I am learning a lot on your blog about online patterns. Keep it coming!