Friday Blog-Talk

Happy Friday, friends! Today I’m taking little break from writing about deep things and sewing projects. I think it’s time to pause my activities and talk with you guys about some of the changes that have happened here at CailaMade over the past few months.

If you’ve been reading here for awhile, then you probably noticed when advertisements started appearing above my header and in the right side bar. I never mentioned the ads when they first went up,  but I think you deserve to know why I decided to monetize. You guys are the reason I’m here, after all!

You know I love to sew. You probably suspect that I like to write, be online, network, and build friendships. What kind of blogger doesn’t like those things? I love blogging almost as much as I love sewing!

But blogging does come with a cost, and so does fabric. When my blog began experiencing real growth I decided it was time to start paying myself back for what I’ve already put in, and will inevitably put in in the future. In this way, I feel validated for doing what I love and I’m able to keep doing what I love.

You understand, right?

In case you’re interested in more details, I’m proud to be working with an advertising network called Martha’s Circle: “A community of the web’s leading lifestyle blogs, chosen by Martha Stewart editors.” It’s Martha Stewarts official blog network, you guys! Of course I’m proud to run those ads! It feels like such a pat on the back for a job well done.

I’m having so much fun blogging this year. And you know what? YOU make it possible. Thank you for showing up and commenting on my posts. Thank you for your votes during Sew-Vivor, and thank you for just being so kind and lovely all the time. I love you and can’t wait to keep showing up here, week after week.

What can you expect from me in the future? 

I have some pretty exciting things lined up for this summer. First, I’ll be participating in a few more AWESOME sewing series (more details to come). I’m proud to be a part of the guest blogger lineup for the Summer of No Pants at Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!, coming up in just a couple of weeks. (Sign up and sew dresses and skirts with me this summer!)

I’m also running a sewing series at the beginning of June, bringing you reviews of the best sewing patterns for sewing kids’ summer clothing. I can’t wait to share my guest lineup with you!

Beyond these, I’m working with a magazine on some features for the Fall and Winter and am absolutely THRILLED to be moving into print media. I’ll let you know when my features go to print, because you know I’ll be excited!

I’m so happy to be on this journey with you, sewing together, learning together, and doing life together even though we are so far apart. Thank you for accepting me for who I am.

Love to you all! I’ll be back next week with less writing and more SEWING PROJECTS. How does that sound? Now go have a wonderful weekend!

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