Floral Skinnies for Spring!


It’s a pretty big day around here because, you guys… I MADE A PAIR OF JEANS! There’s a blog tour going on right now for the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern and today it’s my day to share. The pattern is by Titchy Threads, and was designed by my friend Laura who is–obviously–a sewing and designing ROCK STAR because this pattern is PERFECTION.


I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous going into this pattern. I signed up for the blog tour thinking it was a great way to push me toward one of my sewing goals for this year, which was to make my first official pair of jeans–and I was right. If it weren’t for this tour, I think I would have pushed it off and pushed it off until the pattern got buried in a big stack of Things To Sew and I moved ignorantly on, not knowing what a fabulous experience I was missing.


But since I did sign up for the tour and I did sew a pair of jeans using Laura’s pattern, I can confidently tell you that sewing jeans is SO MUCH FUN! I couldn’t have done it without this pattern. The instructions lead you right through, and the step-by-step photos cover every question you could possibly have. There are a number of options, and every one is clearly detailed. Even though I was often sewing late at night (and watching Veronica Mars on Amazon Prime, how have I never heard about this show before??) I made very few mistakes and almost made it through the entire project without using my seam ripper. There was one little moment when I decided to cheat and forgo the adjustable elastic, but changed my mind part way through topstitching the waistband. That’s when I needed the seam ripper.


In the end, I’m really glad I went with the adjustable elastic. Abby is mostly growing up and not out right now, if ya know what I mean, so the adjustable waistband might not be necessary. But it’s a nice, professional looking touch, and I’m glad to have the option. Plus, it’s always fun to learn something new!

As you can tell from the photo above, these are fully legitimate jeans with all the fixins. My back pockets have cute little loopy hearts sewn on, but you can’t see them because the thread matches so well. The pattern includes instructions for a functional zip fly, but since Abby doesn’t really need that at her age I went with the half fly option and no zipper. There’s a cut little coin pocket on one of the front pockets and everything!


I definitely learned a few new skills while making these jeans. For one, I made my first flat felled seams (so awesome!) and my first official half fly. I enjoyed seeing how a pair of jeans comes together, and am more appreciative of why my favorite brands cost so much. Making a pair of jeans isn’t a quick task, but it’s an enjoyable process and I think you should try it out! The difficulty level is classified as intermediate/confident beginner but truth be told, I was a confident beginner four years ago and I don’t think I would have had the patience to see this pattern through to the end. I enjoy the process so much more now than I did when I first started. Now my love for sewing is not just about sewing as many cute sundresses as possible, it’s about learning new skills and enjoying the process no matter how slow it might be for this mamma of three.


But if you ARE a confident beginner, and you know how to follow a pattern well, you will definitely be able to sew these jeans. Laura’s instructions are magic, I tell you. MAGIC. Usually I get bored with projects that take me more than two days (I’m sorry, it’s true) but this one kept me excited and engaged the whole time because I  couldn’t wait to see what would happen next!


DSC03277Thanks so much for reading! If you’d like to check out more versions of this fabulous, staple pattern, check out Laura’s blog Craftstorming where she is sharing all the versions from the tour. Believe me, you’ll be inspired! For two of my favorite versions, check out this awesome motorcycle version by Max California, and this adorable floral version by Lexi Made.



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    These are perfection! And I love the photos! I so need to carve out a week and sew a pair or two of these, I know it would be worth it!!

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    Gorgeous jeans and photos Caila. Abby is so cute. That’s such a great print for a corduroy, you’re lucky living in LA! Thank you for your sweet words and for being on the tour today!

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    Love the fabric choice!! These look great! I’ve been wondering the same thing about Verinica Mars. Thank goodness for Amazon prime!!

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    These are so good caila! I love the floral and the colors are so perfectly springy together. I’m having a huge crush on coral lately so this pleases me 🙂


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