Flirty Little Flip Skirt (Skirt Week 2012)

Here is my third skirt for Skirt Week 2012! I like to call it the Flirty Little Flip Skirt because it flips out a little near the bottom hem and it makes me feel pretty. It’s a date skirt, for sure.

I’m working on some instructions for this skirt right now because I’ve already received a lot of compliments and comments from friends like, “Tell me how to make that skirt!”

Sadly, or maybe gladly?, this skirt is already starting to feel a little loose on me. It’s good to know that the running is paying off — I ran a 7-miler on Saturday — but it also means that I might be making another one of these, in a smaller size, in the near future. I guess that gives me all the more reason to hammer down those instructions, huh?

I used a very thin, soft, woven fabric for this skirt. It was too thin for a skirt, so I just added a second layer. The fabric has a nice amount of stretch which helps it to fit over my hips, since I used fold-over elastic to finish the waist.
This is my new favorite way to finish a skirt waist. No zipper! 

I’ll give you one guess where I bought the fabric. Yes: the LA fabric district! At Michael Levine’s loft! Seriously, I should be paid to advertise for them. But don’t worry. I’m not. 🙂

The bottom is embellished with some crocheted lace from my grandmother’s stash. She gave it to me when she moved and I’m going to have a life crisis once I’ve used it all up. It’s a magnificent stash, so that won’t be a for a long time. (Thank you, Grandma Jessie!)

And thank you, for reading! I’ll be back tomorrow with some more shorts pictures. (Yes, I am still making Abby MORE summer shorts).

P.S. The shirt I’m wearing in these pictures is the Alabama Chanin top I was working on in this post. It’s not technically finished (I still need to add two more rows of ruffles and beading), but I wear it anyway. Does anyone else do that? 


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    I really enjoy these blogs. The beautiful clothes you create are inspiring because you make it look so easy (lol). I don’t know a thing about sewing but these blogs have made me interested in learning. Keep them coming 🙂

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      Thank you, Naomi! I was so excited when I realized that you’re Noah’s wife. I’ve heard so much about Noah from Kyle (and seen him in more videos than I can count!) so I feel like I already know you both. Thanks so much for your comment, it was so encouraging. And I have loved looking at your site! It’s great to “meet” you on here, girl. 🙂