Flip this Pattern: Preschool Prep Dress

preschool-prep-dress (2)Hello lovelies! Do you want to see my possibly-favorite-creation-ever??! I am so in love with this retro shirt dress, it hurts. Earlier this week I this flip of the Ethan Shirt pattern by Sis Boom for the Flip This Pattern competition at Frances Suzanne. Today, it’s time to VOTE!

You can read the whole post below for details on my outfit, and then jump over to the Frances Suzanne to vote for your favorite outfit out of the bunch. Voting is opening until Saturday (tomorrow) August 30, 2014 at 11:00pm CST. I hope you enjoy my outfit!


My little Abby-girl is about to go to preschool, and since she looks so preppy in this outfit, you can see why I named it the Preschool Prep dress. Read below for more information on how I flipped the Ethan Shirt pattern (FYI, it’s for a boy’s button up shirt) plus fabric, details, etc.



Here are the major changes I made to the Ethan Shirt pattern to create this dress:


  1. Extended the original collar pattern pieces to create and exaggerated collar.
  2. Brought in the sides of the shirt front and back (and reduced some of the room in the arm opening) to create this sleeveless bodice. It also tapers in slightly at the waist.
  3. Added a sash for the waist (it ties in the back and is not attached to the dress).
  4. Added a facing to an opening in the skirt front, so the dress is easy to put on and off. You can’t see it because it overlaps by about 2″, providing total coverage.
  5. Added a chiffon skirt.
  6. Inserted a polka dot lining skirt for total coverage. It’s about 1.5″ shorter than the outer skirt.

I really, really love how it turned out! And although my daughter didn’t like the green and black at first (she’s a PINK girl at heart) the dress won her over. Success!

DSC06016I hemmed the skirt in white thread with my serger because I love the way it looks against the black fabric, and how it coordinates with the white and black polka dot collar. It was fun to make up a dress as I went along, adding whatever features I thought would look nice!

DSC05906Here’s a peak at the polka dot underskirt:

And in case you are wondering why she’s wearing silver, sparkly Puma’s for this photo shoot instead of something fancier, let me tell you that life with 4 year olds is sometimes about compromise. I got to take pictures, she got to wear her new school shoes. Win, win, and everyone is happy.

DSC06063In the next picture she’s pretending to talk to her best friend Grace on the phone. Oh my, what will life be like 10 years from now?! I can see it already!

DSC05939A few last detailed photos, and then we’re done:

DSC05824 DSC05840


DSC05994 (1)Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to VOTE FOR ME if you like this outfit! Love you all! 




  1. says

    Caila! I absolutely love this dress!
    I bought the Ethan shirt last week 😉
    It was E’s favorite too…she loved it….
    Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!
    I voted 😉