Flashback Skinny Tees

As you know, I’m a pretty busy woman right now, what with packing up our apartment and all. But somehow I still find plenty of time to sew. *wink* And show you pictures.

Mostly, I’ve been working on sewing with my serger and practicing on this pattern. It’s called the Flashback Skinny Tee, created by Rae, one of my favorite sewing divas. I’m so glad she branched out into a pattern for knits, because I really needed something practical and cute to practice with. I love sewing those fun “extra” things (like 20 dresses for Abby), but it would also be excellent to sew items my kids can wear all the time. Like t-shirts!

By the way, both the fabrics used for the shirts below are jersey knits and they were purchased in the LA fabric district. I think I got each fabric for about $1 or $2 a yard.

Here are some more pictures of the green striped tee:

Just for fun:

And here are a couple pictures of the red striped tee:

I’m having a lot of fun learning now to sew with knits. They all have different degrees of stretch, and to be honest, I’ve had to play around a little bit with the collar and sleeve cuffs. For example, I’ve learned that rib knits are great on the collars of these shirts, but the sleeve cuffs work best with jersey knit. Or at least, that’s what has worked for me. I’ll keep playing around and let you know what I find!

I’m working on cute knit pants and s flashback skinny tee for Abby right now using the Flashback Tee pattern and a pants pattern of my own making. Can’t wait to show you pictures!

(By the way, you can browse Rae’s other patterns on her blog. She has a lot of great stuff there! The first dress I ever made was her Itty Bitty Baby Dress.)

Okay, I’m off to bed so I can be a good momma to my kiddos tomorrow. Thanks for reading, friends! Let me know if you try out the Flashback Pattern; I’d love to see pictures!