Fishy Pants {from the summer shorts pattern}

Now that it’s summer (maybe not technically according to the date, but according to how I feel, it is summer) I feel myself gravitating towards cute summer prints, the color white, and anything that might be cute with a swimsuit.

That’s how I decided to make Abby these fishy pants. I figured, what girl doesn’t need a cute pair of summer lounge pants to wear by the poolside? So I pulled out my newly perfected (I use that world lightly) summer shorts pattern and lengthened the legs to make a pair of cropped pants for Abby.

I made these pants with Heather Ross‘s extremely popular and now out of print fishies from her Mendocino line for Freespirit. Let’s all share in a moment of silence for this long-lost fabric line of mermaid fame…

I’ve made a few other things out of prints from this line and each time it’s almost painful when it comes time to actually cut the fabric. But I muscled through it this time because, hey, what good is it if this fabric sits in a bin for years and years until a day when Abby won’t think it’s cool enough? I’ve got to get it on her while the getting’s good!

She loves them. Since we are in the midst of potty training right now and she’s doing a great job, but there have been a couple times when they pants have gotten, um, wet. Poor Abby is beside herself when she can’t wear her fishy pants to bed. In fact, these have sort of accidentally become pajamas.

You want to know something really funny? I tried them on Stryder the other day to see how they fit, and…

They fit perfectly! In fact, if I made these for Stryder I would actually have to add a little to the pattern. Can you believe it? My seven month old is the same size as my almost-two-and-a-half year old! I measured their waists and, yep, the same exact measurement. Whoa! It makes things easy on me because now I can use the same pattern on both of them!

Thanks for reading! And guess what? I’m so excited because tomorrow the summer shorts pattern will be here as a free download! And on Friday I’ll have the Tied Summer Dress available as well. I can’t believe I’m finally getting this done!