Finding Familyness

I am finding that some weeks just don’t leave me with enough spare time to share all the sewing projects I’ve been working on. I’m editing photos and working on my backlog, but in the meantime, here are some non-sewing things I’ve been doing.

A few weeks ago, I joined the Familyness Photo Workshop taught by the extremely talented (and fun!) Davina Fear. Not only is the class stretching my photography skills, but it’s also helping me to see the beauty in my unique family and life.

Davina isn’t teaching us to take portrait pictures, or mold our families into perfect little posed models. She is helping us to see the precious uniqueness in our family personality. Abby’s wild hair, Strider’s dimpled hands, Hudson and his science objects strewn all over the house. These are daily life. These are the details I want to remember when I’m old and bent with gray. I took the class to learn how to save these moments in photographs.

It’s truly a beautiful life I live, even when the sink is overrun with dishes. This crazy, loud, life with three children at home won’t last forever, and I’ll miss it terribly one day. Although I’ve never been a very good photographer, I can tell this class is improving my skills and my eye for composition. Thank you, Davina
Here are a couple of those stories, so far. I hope you enjoy them!
I wanted to capture the sweet way Abby sit’s on her daddy’s lap. They have such an easy camaraderie. Abby has a hard time dealing with the upsets of daily life, and one of the only times she is truly at piece is when she is sitting in our laps. In these photos, I hoped to capture the peace she feels in daddy’s protective arms, and the joyful camaraderie of browsing a Land of Nod catalogue together.


I can’t get enough of this boy. I don’t want him to ever grow up! Breakfast is always a great event for this baby. He loves food. I wanted to capture his favorite time of day, his sweet spirit and his great sense of humor. And those big blue eyes, of course.

Lastly, before I go, I have to tell you how wonderful it is to see these faces through a lens and on my computer screen. I don’t need to edit them, because they are beautiful in and of themselves. I don’t need to make them into something lovely, just capture them as they are. Some unique things I’ve been learning about our family personality are:
  • We truly love to be together
  • We love to laugh and be silly
  • We respect and encourage each other’s interests

What is your unique family personality? Can you take a moment today to cherish it today, in the midst of the business? Maybe take a moment to snap some pictures of the ones you love, or write a list of why you love them. Valentines Day is approaching, after all. I love this time of year! 
Have a wonderful day, friends!