Fabulously Festive Candy Packed Christmas Favors

It’s just a few days from Christmas and hopefully you’ve finished all the handmade gifts. (Yes? No??) I’m still working on small touches to add a mommy-made feel to the Big Day. Each of my kids will be getting some small handmade gifts. To add some pizzaz to their stockings, I made these cute Candy Packed Christmas Favors, and guess what? They are filled with chocolate! What mom wouldn’t want to give their kids chocolate on Christmas morning??
Chocolate included, I love adding handmade cheer to Christmas.
These sweet little packages were a fun project. I cut up some glitter paper, stitched it together on my machine, and stuffed the packages with Christmas M&Ms. Voila! Candy, glitter, sewing. What’s not to love? 
If you’d like to make your kids some of these fabulously festive Christmas favors, read the simple instructions below. All you need to get started is some glitter paper, decorations, M&Ms, and a sewing machine! 
*This post is sponsored by Jo-Ann’s Fabric & Crafts, but the project and all ideas expressed here are my own. All my supplies were purchased at Jo-Ann’s

  • Glitter paper
  • Supplies to decorate your craft: sequins, jewels, glue, glitter, ribbon, etc.
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • M&Ms or other candy

First, cut the shapes for your Christmas Favors. These can be anything festive! My shape dimensions are listed below:
  • Christmas Tree: cut a rectangle measuring 7″ along the bottom edge by 6″ high. 
  • Present: cut a 6″ by 6″ square. 
  • The snow man was hand sketched (by my husband, good man!) and measures about 8″ tall. 
Cut two pieces for each Christmas Favor:

And then have fun decorating the top piece of each shape:

Let your glue dry completely. Then place both pieces of paper together so that the pretty sides face out. Stitch around the paper with a zig zag stitch, leaving an opening of 3″ to 4″ inches on one side so you can pour in the candy.

I think the zig zag stitching looks so pretty against the glitter paper!

As you can see, I left one entire side of the square open. This made it really easy to fill with candy. 
Pour the M&Ms in through the opening and fill it to a nice size. If you over fill the package, you won’t be able to stitch the opening closed. 

Hold the opening closed with a paper clip of some kind. Clothes pins would work for this step, too.

Stitch the opening closed and admire your handiwork. Shake the package a bit. Doesn’t that sound fun? Your kids are going to love it!

I left the paper for this package plain, and decided to wrap it like a present once it was filled and stitched:

A sweet little package! Excuse the pun. *wink*

I had a lot of fun making all three versions.
The trees look great either decorated or plain (but I’m partial to the simple silver dots in the photo above). 
The little snowman is my favorite. To make him I simply cut two snowman shapes out of white glitter paper, and cut the shapes for his buttons, eyes, noes, and scarf from black, red and orange glitter paper. His mouth was drawn on with a Sharpie pen. I used Tacky Glue to glue the shapes to his body.
I left a small opening at the top of his head for the M&Ms. (It took a bit of finagling to get the M&Ms all the way down into his body, FYI).

After adding the M&Ms, I stitched his head closed and glued on his top hat. Good looking little fella!

I hope you enjoy making your own Candy Packed Christmas Favors! Where do you think I should put these on Christmas morning? In their stockings? Under the tree? As favors at the table for Christmas Dinner? I guess I better decide when I want them eating M&Ms that morning!

Merry Christmas to you from these little guys!

Have a wonderful, candy-eating Christmas.
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And thanks for reading, you guys. I hope you’re all having fun getting ready for Christmas!


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    I am totally in love with this idea. When I saw it on Instagram I squeed, but I’m just now making it over to comment. I’m thinking these would make great birthday party favors in different shapes too! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂